Review: Fedora 36 Workstation review - Yeah naah


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Apr 24, 2016
Mr. Grumpy reporting for duty, sir. Today, my chore will be the review of Fedora 36, clad in Gnome. I will conduct the testing on my triple-boot IdeaPad, which is powered by AMD Ryzen + Vega graphics and has a small but fierce NVMe for I/O operations. Indeed.

Recently, in my rather carefully and sparsely sampled spring distro testing season, I tried Kubuntu 22.04. It was okay, but there was no LTS bite to it, as if I needed anything to improve my already vastly cheerful mood and disposition toward Linux lately. But now, I want to try something less KDE, and there's nothing better than Gnome in its vanillaest form, Fedora. Commence we do.

What can I say? Fedora is Fedora. If there's one good thing you can say about this distro, it's that it has a consistent identity, and has stayed true to it for quite a long time. You get some nice improvements in the tech stack, decent speed, and solid stability side by side with a horrible UI design and usability model. But the latter can be tweaked, tuned and tamed to some extent, which is good, although it's still wasted energy at the end of the day.

Fedora 36 is not drastically different from the last half a dozen versions I've tried. It's okay I guess, and probably more than that if you like the Gnome desktop. There's nothing really revolutionary here, and no killer feature that would make it amazing, or turn the tide on the Linux home market. Anyway, my testing is done. Another year, another release, and the wheel of Tux turns. There's not much else I can add here that would bring any extra value. Should you test it? Yes. Would I run this in my production setup or some such? Not really. And on that emotionally neutral note, we call it a day.


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Aug 22, 2013
If you care about a problem free audio processing there is nothing better other than fedora, as it has implemented pipewire better than any other distro. ( Pulse audio server is still choppy on Ubuntu 22.04, ). From the looks department it's dull, arch distros are far better, even Ubuntu is better than fedora on that department. I am Waiting for full on implementation of nvidia open-source drivers to fedora, so that I can have a non tainted Linux kernal.

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