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    You can win a license for:
    RollBack Rx Professional
    Number of licenses for this giveaway:
    This giveaway starts on:
    September 1,2017
    This giveaways ends on:
    October 1,2017
    To enter this giveaway:
    • You have to be a registered member of this community
    • Say 'Hello' to the community in the "New Member Introductions" forum, then share the link in this thread
    • Share your 'security configuration' in the "Security Configuration Wizard" forum, then post the link in this thread
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    Terms and Conditions:
    • Our forum policy has always been one account per person, anyone detected by our giveaway system of entering using multiple accounts will be automatically disqualified.
    • One entry per member. Posting multiple times within the thread is not allowed.
    • Members that are using programs that hides the real IP address, are asked to temporarily turn it off when entering this giveaway. If we detect that a member has entered this giveaway from a VPN service the post will be removed, and member banned from our future giveaways.
    • These license keys are for personal use only. If you win a license key, you agree not to trade or resell your product key.
    LIVE! Ends On October 1,2017

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    RollBack Rx Professional Giveaway


    We would like to thank Horizon DataSys for giving us the opportunity to give away these (20) RollBack Rx Professional licenses.

    RollBack Rx Professional

    RollBack Rx is an instant time machine for your PC.

    A comprehensive Windows System Restore solution that empowers users and IT administrators to easily restore their PCs to any previous state within seconds.

    RollBack Rx offers a fresh approach to managing PCs. Any unforeseen incidents such as user errors, viruses or even botched software installations can be easily and absolutely reversed in a fast and efficient way.

    Instant Restore
    Restore the system to any snapshot within seconds.

    Disaster Recovery
    Restore files and folders from any snapshot or crashed system state.

    Instant Snapshots
    Take a snapshot of the system within seconds (no reboot required)

    Key Features
    • Go back to any previous point in time within seconds.
    • Go back minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months to any previous snapshot.
    • Does not affect computer performance, uses minimal system resources.
    • Supports unlimited snapshots.
    • Creates a complete system snapshot without having to restart the system.
    • Reverse any system crash within seconds (even if Windows cannot startup).
    • Back out of any failed program and OS updates and botched updates.
    • Recover from any malware or virus attack within seconds.
    • Works with VMWare and Virtual Machines, both as a host or within the virtual machine as a client.
    • Supports Multi-boot, Multi OS workstations.
    • Lock snapshots to prevent deletion.
    • Intuitive GUI based snapshot manager.
    Complete Windows System Restore Solution
    Windows System Restore only restores Windows system files and some program files. In addition, if Windows crashes to a point were Windows itself cannot boot up (ie. BSOD*) you would not be able to access your Windows System Restore points. In contrast, the RollBack Rx technology works at the sector level of the hard drive and restores everything! Right down to the last byte of data. It sits below Windows. So even if Windows crashes, there is a sub-console (mini OS) that boots prior to windows. This allows you to access Rollback Rx and go back to a point in time when your system was working trouble-free.

    Daily Continuous Backup Solution
    Most backup techniques (i.e. imaging) are static and time-intensive. So arduous is this task, that even disciplined IT shops seldom get around to making regular backups. And if a disaster were to happen, depending on how long ago the backup was taken – directly determines the amount of data loss. In today’s computing environment 98% of PC disasters are micro-disaster (ie. malware, botched Windows updates, software installations etc.) How can you protect yourself from the vast majority of PC disasters?

    RollBack Rx is a dynamic instant restore solution. It can be automated to take snapshots silently in the background. Each backup snapshot only takes seconds. And when you want to restore your PC, you can quickly return to any previous state in the amount of time it takes to restart your PC.

    Software Uninstaller and Malware Remover
    Most uninstaller software, including Windows built-in add/remove programs are piecemeal solutions. When uninstalling an application, there may still be remnants of the program left behind – you are really at the mercy of the software author as to what stays and what actually gets removed. Only Rollback Rx can absolutely restore your workstation bit-for-bit back to any previous snapshot. The problem with anti-virus programs is that by design they are always playing catch-up. Constantly trying to identify and remove known threats and updating their definition files. However, when a virus does strike, you can trust RollBack Rx to absolutely undo the infestation, returning your PC to a state prior to the virus. RollBack Rx is widely used to safely test software. Enabling you to trial software without compromising your system’s integrity. RollBack Rx guarantees 100% bit-level recovery which means a absolute uninstallation of any software or virus.

    Day Zero Disaster Recovery
    Lets say, you are working on an important document. Then, while checking your inbox you encounter a catastrophic system crash and your PC becomes completely unusable. Unfortunately, the last snapshot was taken over a week ago…. The RollBack Rx technology allows you to go back to your week-old system state without losing any data from your current (crashed) system. How is this possible? The Recover Files feature facilitates the access of any files from your crashed system state, including that important document that you were working on. This feature is a absolute necessity for organizations who demand day zero disaster recovery with no downtime. RollBack Rx enhances productivity, enabling IT administrators to return PC’s to a fully functional state in minutes with no data loss.

    Enterprise Level Network Administration
    RollBack Rx simplifies enterprise-level network management. Horizon DataSys provides a FREE network management console for all clients of RollBack Rx. The Remote Management Console (RMC) empowers IT administrators to remotely manage, configure and control all RollBack Rx client installations, simplifying the tasks of the network administrator. The RMC enables all client-based functionality remotely over a LAN, WAN or even the Internet. For more information on the RMC click here.


    You can view Horizon DataSys Homepage - Here
    You can view downloads for RollBack Rx and Reboot Restore Rx as well as Drive Cloner Rx - Here
    You can view complete details about RollBack Rx Professional - Here
    You can view RollBack Rx Home edition (Free) - Here
    You can view RollBack Rx videos - Here

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Version: 10.7
    Build: 2702518295
    Last Updated: 10 May 2017
    Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 (all 32 and 64 bit versions)


    RollBack Rx Professional Giveaway Details

    The RollBack Rx Professional Giveaway starts on September 1,2017 and ends on October 1,2017

    To participate in our RollBack Rx Professional Giveaway:

    1. You have to be a registered member on our forum.
    • You must use your real IP address to enter the giveaway.
    • If you enter the giveaway using a proxy or VPN,You Will Be Disqualified.
    2. Make 2 posts in the following forums if you have not done so already
    3. Share the giveaway news on Facebook or Twitter, so that others may enjoy it.

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    Final Details
    • The RollBack Rx Professional Giveaway starts on September 1,2017 and ends on October 1,2017
    • Winners will be randomly selected using RANDOM.ORG on October 1 ,2017.
    • Winners must reply to the winning PM within (5) days or a new winner will be selected from the posted list
    • You are allowed to participate with one post and one account/IP. Having multiple accounts on our forum is against our rules and will disqualify you.
    • One post per user, posting multiple times inside the thread is not allowed.
    • Any member that enters a giveaway and tries to run their own personal giveaway with a winning license will be PERMANENTLY banned from all future Exclusive MT Giveaways.
    • Winners will be notified by private message.
    Good luck! :)
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    The RollBack Rx Professional Giveaway Is Now Live!
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    Thanks you MT for another great giveaway...:cool:
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