Purchase or Last Upgrade Date
Jul 7, 2020
Estimated Value ($)
Daily driver
My junk device
Form factor
Generic Laptop
Brand & Model
Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Li 2727
Installed OS
Windows 10 LTSC
Linux KDE Neon
CPU (Processor)
Intel Dual Core 1.46ghz
RAM (Memory)
GPU (Graphics)
Intel GM965 GPU
160 gb HDD, 5400 RPM


Level 9
sepik's Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Li 2727 (got this one for free)
Dual Core 1.46ghz, 2GB ram, 160GB HDD(5400 rpm), Intel GM965 GPU, 1280x800 Brightview+

First phase:
- Installed Windows XP, only because of flashing the BIOS to newest version
- Installed Windows 10 LTSC

Second phase:
- Installed all the windows updates
- Installed Chrome, Winrar, Irfanview, VLC
- Installed Driver Booster, installed drivers, then uninstalled
- Installed Advance SystemCare, applied all the tweaks etc, then uninstalled
- Installed O&O Shuttup 10, applied recommended tweaks
- Manually tweaked some services
- Installed Webroot SecureAnywhere (the "best" setting applied)
- Installed Wise Disk Cleaner and cleaned the trash
- Installed Smart Defrag and optimize drive
- Installed PrimoCache (Level-1 cache 192mb, Block Size 32kb, Prefech last cache, start at windows boot. Enabled Lock Cache Content when cache hit rate was like 19 %.)

Boot times:
Fast boot enabled -> shut down -> power up -> boot to windows = 26 sec
Restarting -> boot to windows = 42 sec

Third phase:
- Installed KDE Neon Linux next to Windows 10 (dual boot)
- After end of installation of KDE Neon, for some reason, it could not install GRUB Loader (sigh)

Fourth phase:
- Boot to windows
- Installed Grub4Win boot manager
- In Grub4Win, add KDE Neon partition to the boot manager menu
- Apply and reboot, now you have Grub4Win boot manager installed and both windows 10 and KDE Neon can be started via boot menu

This laptop is about 13 years old. With these specs, i'm really surprised how fast this ancient laptop is. Windows 10 LTSC works just fine, 720p youtube videos works without frame drops. KDE Neon works really good too(and disabling some eyecandy makes it even faster).

Going to sell this to some of my friends for...25 $ or so.

Kind regards,

Vitali Ortzi

Level 20
What? lol are you kidding? No SSD? i cant believe this!!
Had similar bootup times with a t400 lenovo celeron laptop without an SSD rather the included 5400 rpm HDD as well .(higher spec but storage medium is almost similar)

Anyway the boot time was about a minute and a half without any twaeking (boot time pretty much cut to half from twaeking)
Anyway try comodo cruel sister settings I remember it being lighter then webroot while having better protection.
And get more ram if possible 😉
And try cleaning the laptop reapplying thermal paste and undervolt it if you can .
And you shouldn't use primo cache with your ram since the machine has only 2gb as of now so again add ram or other fast storage source such as an SSD(ram is more important then an SSD get at least 4gb of ram only then you can add an SSD if you like but it's optional and probably a waste with such low spec Powe hungry old hardware) .
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