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    Agreed, GlassWire is expensive for the paid version (which only additionally grants you the ability to view logs over a longer period of time, "devices on your network", and network "prompts" instead of "click-to-block"). IMO, GlassWire free is as good as the paid version for single device home-use.

    I'll look into WFC, however EIS is still a tempting choice knowing that Emsisoft does eventually fix issues with their software.

    Thanks for the information.
    I like to control internet connection with notifications this is why GlassWire free is not an option as it is. They want $49 for a single pc when WFC is $10 for a million pc.

    Boy oh boy, that is a light setup.
    Now I just need to slowly work on getting you
    to convert to sig-free :p
    I will as soon as i get an as good behaviour blocker as EAM and as light as EAM. Highly unlikely tbh because all the rest trail back. Maybe one of the "next gen" if they decide i am good enough to use their software without having a 200 staff company.

    Disable EAM's signatures. BOOM! sig-free. He's now part of the borg.
    I could but i don't see a slowdown from EAM as it is so i don't. Maybe if i had a worse pc i would.