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v2.3.13 (3 January 2019)
- added dns resolver caching
- added dns resolver winsock fallback (issue #290)
- avoid window flickering on window sizing
- revert refresh filters on device arrival
- fixed access rights for wfp provider and sublayer
- fixed allocated strings dereferencing (issue #285)
- fixed parsing hosnames with dashes (issue #271)
- fixed localization (issue #288)
- fixed bugs

v2.3.12 (25 December 2018)
- added (partialy) win10rs5+ dark theme (issue #248)
- allow loopback connections by default for new users
- fixed allocated strings dereferencing (issue #283)
- cosmetic fixes
- fixed bugs

v2.3.11 (14 December 2018)
- added "/install" argument for install filtering
- added cache auto clean up (to prevent overflow)
- changed minimum size of main window (issue #269)
- changed installation message
- increased rule parsing speed (issue #276)
- memory optimization
- fixed notification window appears on taskbar (regression)
- fixed exclude user rules option was not working
- cosmetic fixes
- fixed bugs

v2.3.10 (28 November 2018)
- fixed old bug where incorrect rules are may accepted as filters
- fixed bugs



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I like the development of Simplewall, but if it isnt easy to configure to stop applications from connecting to the internet with the press of a button like Glasswire then I'd not be convinced to switch. Just as the name denotes, SimpleWall should be simple to configure. Sadly I keep using the last free version 1.x of Glasswire which has Firewall built in for free.

For instance in Glasswire you can see all the processes that was/is using my network and by clicking on the 'Fire' icon, I can deny access for that program from accessing the net. By clicking on the 'Fire' icon again I allow access for that program for accessing my internet bandwidth.

Towards the right, I can also see upload and download speed that the the process is using at the moment.



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It is easy. Tick the checkbar to allow connection and untick to disallow if you're using Whitelist mode and opposite for Blacklist mode.
Thanks. But I don't think Whitelisting and Blacklisting happens in automatic or real-time mode. Correct me if I'm wrong. I would just like to see which processes are currently using the internet and how much bandwidth is used, and accordingly click to allow and disallow anytime I need.
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But I don't think Whitelisting and Blacklisting happens in automatic or real-time mode
Not sure if I understand what you mean by this.
I use and recommend whitelist mode since its better, simplewall shows notification when a process asks for connection, you select allow or block from there. If you click block, it keeps getting blocked unless you allow by ticking the app in the list. If the blocked process annoys you with notifications asking for connecting later on, you can disable notification for that particular process. Make sure that you have enabled dropped packet notification from Settings> Dropped packet log(for whitelist mode only)

It doesn't have some of those features of Glasswire like showing how much bandwidth a process is using or real time bandwidth connection speed of the particular process. You just get notification when a process asks for connection and you allow or block. If later you want to change it, you can change it from simplewall dashboard with ticking or unticking. Its very easy to use firewall. I would love a bandwidth monitoring feature but it would take a lot of time and work for the developer, he probably won't add those features but rather focus on Firewall security related features.


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Have you changed anything in your code? I'm getting alert for every DNS request(port 53) while I have DNS in system enabled rules.
Simplewall say xxxx.exe want to access port 53 do want wan to allow or no? why would it ask me?is it normal?
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The problem is Simplewall.log is in the Users folder(the user that you installed simplewall for it), not program files. so if you create a SUA acc simple wall cant log the blocked and dropped packets to simplewall.log because it tries to write the log in the old user folder(not the new user folder) and windows prevent it.you should change the path to program files or create simplewall.log for every user(on the related user folder).