Question Spyshelter Firewall VPN Killswitch


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Feb 26, 2021
Spyshelter firewall is able to detect/set up network zones, which can either be marked as trusted or blocked. It's my understand that is a network has been marked as blocked, for example a network adapter, then any and all communication from that "zone" will be blocked. Conversely, and network zone marked as trusted will be allowed. So if I have a local adapter address marked as blocked and a local vpn address (Mullvad uses 10.64.01, NordLynx uses, etc) marked as trusted then that in effect will give me a VPN killswitch; blocking all traffic from everything other than my vpn? Is that right? If it is then where do SSF's own network application "rules" come in to play?

I've never been able to figure this out. Any ideas?