Windows Edition
System type
64-bit operating system; x64-based processor
Windows UAC
Default - Notify me only when programs try to make changes to my computer
Firewall protection
Custom - Provided by a third-party security vendor
Account type
Sign in with local account
Exposure to malware
No malware samples are downloaded
Real-time Malware protection
Eset Smart Security
Crystal Security
Periodic scanners
Browser and Add-ons
SlimJet, Yandex and Firefox
uBlock origin, Lastpass,Magic Actions for Youtube, Video DownloadHelper
Privacy tools and VPN
uBlock Origin
Password manager
Maintenance tools
Wisecare PRO, kerish Doctor
File Backup schedule
Once or multiple times per day
Backup schedule
Once or more per week

Sr. Normal

muy bien carnalito! safe and simple ;) if you want to go all the way you can ad voodooshield or NVT exe radar pro :) how is eset serving you? any tweaks you did?
Hi my friend! :) I have in my old XP NVT ERP with Comodo Firewall (And I sincerely believe that is an excellent defense for a computer with limited resources), and I love it. In my wife´s system I have installed Voodooshield, and it is curious. A few months ago I did not like it, but now I love it :eek: Thanks for your tips ;)

Eset is great. Now is my favorite AV. In fact, I think I like it better than Norton. Pssst ... do not tell it to @frogboy :D

I don't think you need Crystal when you have ESET already installed.

How are the HIPS settings in ESET? Smart Mode or Automatic?

Hi @Inkurax :) Yes i know i don´t need it, but i love it. I really like have it in my systems. Now I have the firewall in interactive mode. Thanks for your tips
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Sr. Normal

@Sr. Normal It's only 4 digits :p
4 digits ??!!! That is almost as doing sport for me :eek::eek:
I guess you live up to what all spanish people do in the afternoon : take a siësta :p hahaha love your hounesty!
The siesta (nap) is like a religion. And I am a devotee authentic :D:D

Seriously: The reason for having my computer so inflated (Eset Smart Security + Zemana + Crystal Securiy ) is to live more comfortable. It is true that add a password would be one more layer of security, but I hope that with my current security measures, neutralize potential attacks. And if they do not do it, I have my backups


Better safe than sorry I guess the most of us here like heavy security look at me I go over the top as well even though I keep promising myself that one real time security solution is sufficient I always want to ad more to keep every corner covered just in case ;) edit : The setup I have right now plays well together nice and no slowdowns dropping avg was the best thing that happened to me next to the invention of weizen and MalwareTips :p

Sr. Normal

What is the point to have so much security softs when i can log on your computer without efforts (due to the lack of login password) and disable each of them... :D
PIN is supposed to be better than the long password because it works only on that particular machine. Anyway better a PIN or password than nothing.
I totally agree with this theory , but it is a desktop computer and I am the only user. The only lazy user. But again, I understand you're right in your arguments :)