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Next ReHips build will have reduced impact, they were working on it. On their forum there is a article about it.
SOB despite being powerful isn't actively developed, just some minor compatibility updates.
That's great about Rehips and i am really want to use it on my system when i will buy a new pc.
As for SOB i used it for a couple of weeks. Great software and when it will be developed properly it will be the next trend of security software's.


Level 21
Kaspersky Free Antivirus: dislike the root certificate used for scanning HTTPS connections and that a lot of settings are not available.
Kaspersky Cloud Free: dislike the root certificate used for scanning HTTPS connections and recommendations you can't turn off from the main screen like for using their password manager.
Emsisoft Anti-Malware: dislike the current interface, not easy to get to all settings.
Comodo Firewall: dislike that the interface doesn't scale with windows and false positives that occur with Windows Store Apps.


Level 5
What i really hate about 3rd party internet security software is aftermath after uninstall. Yesterday i uninstalled kaspersky internet security and my system restore broke, WD didn't work for hours, i guess kaspersky left some leftovers behind and WD though i have kaspersky still on and right click in start button stopped working.


Level 20
MBAM -- the update process can be rough. Even the minor updates fill the MBAM forum with issues -- like right now. They seem to have adopted the "make everybody part of the beta" model. This has happened multiple times in the past year.
Latest Malwarebytes Update Causing Windows 7 to Freeze

Cylance -- they have a little tiny GUI and make a separate webpage part of the user GUI. Not a very elegant approach.

ZoneAlarmPro -- I'm just playing around with a comped license right now. It slows things down noticeably. There are periodic short freezes... 1-2 seconds in duration.

McAfee -- Yes, I run this on one old computer -- even though I have unused licenses for much better products. Long story as to why I use it... Anyway, there are freezes, legit sites blocked, issues with accessing the Security Center...


Level 11
HMP.A - Even if you exclude a harmless & maybe common program without any warning or ask 'would I like to exclude this program' the programs exe is wiped instantly (I think just for fun) out & as it's already excluded is the reason it's not on this PC, it is on my lapply until licence end. (maybe) Not sure if Sophos knows about FP's?

KIS - Unhappy for example with just about every VPN there is (among other programs), hopefully you can exclude it before KIS gets its hand on it. Brilliant bar for that.
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Bitdefender Free - SSL scanning blocks safe websites. Oh, and it appears to have cut my wifi multiple times over month-long trial. Took multiple restarts to fix each time. Other than that, an excellent free AV. I wanted to like it ... ... but "bye-bye!". :LOL:

Cylance Smart AV - GUI is definitely not elegant @Burrito, but you are only partially right: it's "minimalist"! :LOL: Oh, and no script protection included.

Windows Defender - GUI not for old, arthritic hands and leads to repetitive stress syndrome in the otherwise healthy person. :sick: The only AV (and system) that holds a gun to your head to use it. Thanks for forwarding that letter @Andy Ful! (y)

@Miss Onnellisuus - What a novel idea, taking the time to see what users don't like! Thank you! :cool::emoji_clap::emoji_clap::emoji_clap:
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