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What i really hate about 3rd party internet security software is aftermath after uninstall. Yesterday i uninstalled kaspersky internet security and my system restore broke, WD didn't work for hours, i guess kaspersky left some leftovers behind and WD though i have kaspersky still on and right click in start button stopped working.
if you use kaspersky removal tool, it's a known issue and will definitely break your system restore
there is a fix for it, I posted while ago
take home message: never use kaspersky removal tool


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Things I dislike about my security software ?

Right now ? ..... There is nothing I dislike about any of it ..... Happy Days !

But previously , I disliked the sluggish boot times , the insane resource hogging , and the far too frequently pointless updates .....
.... and most of all ?
I hate the " official removal tools " that they all seem to have available to download .

They vary all the way from totally useless to absolute "wrecking balls " on your system .

Over the years I have used most of the major AVs , and removing them is always a royal PITA .
In fact this issue annoys me so much that I think I'll start a poll here ....

" Vote for the worst AV Removal Tool you have ever used " :ROFLMAO:

Not sure which ones to include in the poll .... Avast , AVG , Comodo , Eset , F-Secure , Kaspersky , McAfee , Norton , Panda
..... anybody using one that I've missed ?

I'm currently using Forticlient plus OSArmor and I can't fault either of them .

@Slyguy - a massive " thank you " for making me aware of Forticlient in the first place ,
and for so willingly sharing your vast knowledge and experience ....
..... you are a true star !


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I used to dislike Kaspersky's annoying encrypted scanning messages which no longer come since a few months. I still dislike the problem i experienced once before 3-5 months where i had to re-install KIS due to repeated warnings to reboot to resolve a malware in web page which was already resolved when the webpage was open by KIS blocking access to it.


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The most recent thing i dislike about my security software is -

Kaspersky: I have to close kaspersky to install windows update. This was not the issue 3-4 months ago. I have to investigate what's the real problem (conflict) which i hate. I would rather close kaspersky at windows update than deal with support.
Adguard: Nothing. I used to dislike that assistant didn't work on some sites so i installed adguard extension/addon as well. Now wherever adguard desktop assistant doesn't work, extension/addon does & other times it runs in integration mode, a great feature.


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Currently using SEP14 and while I love it, the one thing that I dislike is how much log files it create and phones home quite often. it logs in appdata folder, programdata folder, eventlog, and a few other places. My last AV was emsisoft and love how simple and clear their log files are.

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Webcam & Microphone Protection needed, specialy when you call yourself a CyberSecurity & "Privacy" company

slow development for the new features ( ofc not the necessary ones )
I'd like to see some of their business suite features implemented into Home products.
They got nice advanced features but those are not available for advanced users :(

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Kaspersky free:
- Cache wiping after reboot -> scan files again and slows down the machine, after that, it's fine (issue cannot be solved)
- Set scan mode = on execution, still scans files before they are executed (for example, open a folder with exe files)
- Almost useless against PUPs/adwares => need to combine with unchecky and emsisoft browser security extension/WDBP
- Default settings: rootkit scan and idle scan slow down the machine => disable
- Script injection makes browser very laggy (facebook or heavy websites), much higher CPU usage, computer fan spins faster => disable
- Compatibility issue with a few softwares: NPE for example
- Slow scanning speed
- Breaks https sometimes, much better now
- I feel like since the release of Kaspersky free, it' has been more targeted by malware makers -> more bypasses found (scorpion, Kyrox,...)
- Can be heavy using default settings
- No default-deny module in free versions
- No support for free users
- Kaspersky removal tool is known to break System Restore/system protection (seems not to be resolved yet)

Avast free:
- Ads/nags/popups => block AvastUI.exe with firewall
- The new UI is crap and useless => use the old UI
- Telemetry => block tracking domains and lock the hosts file to prevent avast's self-defense from deleting them
- Scanning speed is quite slow (due to cloud checking)
- Web shield doesn't include the latest phishing database (exclusive for Avast extension)
- "Warn when downloading files with poor reputation" (similar to Norton's download insight, Sophos and windows smartscreen) doesn't work and no ETA for a fix. I tried to report many times but was ignored by the devs
- Hardened mode only supports exe files (.msi maybe), afaik
- Susceptible to file-less malwares => use syshardener and H_C to block scripts
- Above average PUP protection, not the best
- Behavior blocker is above average and only works online. Totally useless offline
- Web shield by default is not optimized -> can slow down browsing experience
- Avast with default settings can be heavy for many people => tweak = super lightweight
- Hardware-assisted virtualization causes many problems => disable
- Slows down boot time significantly!!! => tweaks can solve it
- No support for free users unless the the bug is widespread
- Block message pops up straight to the face and interferes with current work
- Avast seems to be unstable after automatic update => habit: repair immediately after updating
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Would this be in reference to lifetime licenses that are tied to the lifetime of one device instead of a user's lifetime? I agree that those are misleading at best. :emoji_disappointed:
That and more. IDK. VIPRE comes to mind. Like how a product is axed, only to be replaced by a new product (that your old "lifetime" license doesn't work on) or if a product/company is bought by another (the T&C tend to change).
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