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URL shorteners are many times a pain in the neck. Specially monetized ones/ads-filled. From or to or

Stop wasting time in skiping the ads, waiting the needed time. Universal ByPass (20K users, 5 stars) has bypasses for sites which make you wait (,,, etc.), sites which make you do something (, etc.) and even trackers (,,, etc.). Plus, you can write custom bypasses!

More details can be found at Universal Bypass

CHROME STORE: Universal Bypass
FIREFOX: Universal Bypass – Get this Extension for Firefox (en-US)
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I would be wise to see the privacy policy of this extensions author, sometimes we are all tricked into believing something is very good at the price of our privacy or being infected. Sometimes is a good idea to check out such things. However the basis of this extensions idea is well thought out, but from my stand point I won't be installing this based on the low knowledge of a new extension.

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