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    Other than a password manager everything looks good!! I like the Avast & OA combination ;) Thanks for sharing your config :)
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    Hi Vipersd! Using Avast! together with Online Armor appears to be a strong combination.:)
    We use Avast! on our Windows 8.1 system. To our Windows 7 I've included WinPatrol. Maybe you've heard of it. If not, you can read a positive review on the safe download site, Softpedia

    Since you are already familiar with virtual testing, sandboxing your browser using the free program Sandboxie is an effective method to add an extra layer of protection you can use in a similar fashion as you would an umbrella on a wet rainy day.o_O Remember that it renders all browser related changes and settings, such as added extensions, temporary. It's also a good way to test drive add-ons before committing to keeping them which remain only until you delete your virtual sandbox.

    By the way, it's a good idea to update your adblocker subscriptions (done under the extension's options) at least weekly.;)

    All in all, yours was a very balanced configuration, & I enjoyed your sharing!:cool:

    PS I also endorse jamescv7's recommendation of LastPass , it's free & absolutely one of my favorite extensions!:D
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    I used Win Patrol almost 5 years ago, not lately. I have installed Sandboxie on my PC, but haven't used it last 2 months, didn't need it, don't visit shady sites anymore, grown over it. :D

    I do not keep saved passwords in browser, family member used my PC and did some stupid stuff with my account on some site, since then manually login every time I visit some forum or mail website, got used to do it manually. :D

    All stuff on my PC is regularly updated, including plugins and add-ons.


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    Reinstalled my PC, Windows 7 32 bit again (old machine). I had used Comodo Firewall before reinstalation but somehow did not suit me, or I could be imagining something, it did add Alternate Data Streams to great bunch of files on system partition.

    Anyway new old trusted config.

    AV: Avast free
    Firewall: looking for one
    On demand scaners: MBAM, Hitman Pro, EEK
    Browsers: Pale Moon and Slimjet
    Add-ons: The usual lot on Slimjet, ublock origin, https everywhere, disconect and others if needed. On Pale Moon there is Noscript, Adblock Latitude, better privacy, disconect, they forked https everywhere so I'm going to try it and see how it works.
    Still manualy logon on websites, no saved passwords in browser.
    CCleaner is enough for me, Windows built in defragmenter also.
    Also using portable software when it is available and free variants of mainstream software.
    Started using Sandboxie regularly again for browsing the net.

    So any recommendation for firewall is appreciated and any other suggestion to strengthen my configuration.


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    @Vipersd, it was very reassuring to read you also browse with Pale Moon & Slimjet too!:):) Do you use their portable versions as well?o_O
    For Pale Moon >> "Options" >> under "Privacy" I prefer setting it to "Never Remember History", and Slimjet to "Always open in New Incognito Window".

    I am also an avid CCleaner user.:cool:
    Furthermore, I have always used Windows Firewall, with the exception of Comodo's Firewall installed on XP, and shall therefore share a post I'd read concerning adding additional outbound control for Window's Firewall

    An extension I've continued to use & recommend for privacy works with Pale Moon, & is called Self-Destructing Cookies which thoroughly dispenses with trackers in an effectively straightforward way.;)

    Thanks for sharing about HTTPS Everywhere's new fork. I'll look further into this too!:D
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    Well, Firefox is becoming bloatware! With this continuous BS stuff adding by Mozilla and it looks like they are slowly abandoning open source philosophy. Hello, Pocket, Reader and other BS is just not needed by default for everyone and DRM that is incorporated in Firefox is knife in the back for long time Firefox users who cared for open source philosophy. Don't make OS out of internet browser!
    So Pale Moon comes to the rescue, personally I think that they are doing very well, it still needs some touching up but they are getting there.

    Slimjet is portable version with -incognito added to shortcut. ;)

    Any comments on Glasswire or Tinywall.

    It seems that I will need to make Windows 7 virtual machine again and to start experimenting with software as before, and first is Windows Firewall Control on the list. :)


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    @Vipersd : Tinywall is a fine small tool component to enhance WF's capabilities, just a little bit effort to build your own rules of configuration but pretty effective though.

    Meanwhile Glasswire is more on network monitor and few manual firewall configuration w/o interaction mode to set it up.
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    im sorry but using Online Armor is not the best choice, don't misunderstand me, i am a big fan, but with all my regrets, Emsisoft decided to "slow" (not to say stop) its development in favor of their own housebuilt firewall ; more modern , with less flaws. OA technology is obsolete now.

    i suggest you to find a better alternative. and this words comes from an Emsisoft closed-beta tester...