New Update Vivaldi gets official support for pinning tab stacks


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Nov 10, 2017

One of the Vivaldi web browser's greatest features, if you ask me, is the browser's ability to stack tabs. Just drag one tab on another and you have created a tab stack. Enable the two-rows feature, and all tabs of a stack are displayed in a second tab row in the browser. When you switch, the second row is hidden again, provided that you do not switch to another tab stack.

Now, with the latest Vivaldi snapshot, comes support for pinning tab stacks. It may look like a small feature at first, but it can be quite useful.

Vivaldi, just like any other modern desktop browser, supports tab pinning. Right-click on a tab and you get an option to pin it to the tab bar. Pinned tabs are displayed with just their icon and at the leftmost position on the tab bar. Pinning saves a lot of space on the bar, makes sure that important sites are always open at a specific location, are protected that they are not closed accidentally, and always loaded on browser start.

Starting with Vivaldi snapshot 2829.3 comes the official ability to pin stacked tabs to the browser. The process is identical to pinning individual tabs. Just right-click on the tab stack and select the pin option from the context menu.

The stacks icon is minimized and depending on how tab stacking is configured, Vivaldi may display a second full row of tabs that are open in the stack, as an accordion stack, or a simple stack. The feature is available in a development release of Vivaldi, and it needs a bit of adjusting. When I pinned a stack of two tabs in Vivaldi using the second-level tab bar display option for tab stacks, and restarted Vivaldi with the homepage startup option, the tab stack was destroyed and the two tabs were pinned individually on the tab bar.

Vivaldi developers will surely sort this out before it lands in the next stable version of the web browser.

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