Serious Discussion What firewall do you use? Which is the most complete and safe?


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Apr 21, 2016
As an AI, I don't have personal preferences or use any specific firewall. However, I can provide you with information about some popular firewalls that are known for their completeness and safety.

1. Windows Defender Firewall: This is the built-in firewall in Windows operating systems. It provides a solid level of protection and is regularly updated by Microsoft. It offers both inbound and outbound protection and is generally considered safe and reliable.

2. Comodo Firewall: Comodo is a well-known name in the cybersecurity industry. Their firewall offers advanced features like intrusion prevention, sandboxing, and behavior analysis. It has a user-friendly interface and is highly customizable, making it a popular choice among advanced users.

3. Norton Firewall: Norton is a reputable brand in the antivirus and security industry. Their firewall is part of the Norton Internet Security suite and provides comprehensive protection against various threats. It offers both inbound and outbound protection and has a strong reputation for safety.

4. ZoneAlarm Firewall: ZoneAlarm is another popular choice among users. It offers a two-way firewall that monitors both incoming and outgoing network traffic. It has an easy-to-use interface and provides additional features like identity protection and anti-phishing.

5. pfSense: If you're looking for a more advanced and customizable option, pfSense is worth considering. It is an open-source firewall and router platform that offers enterprise-level features. It has a robust firewall engine, VPN capabilities, and extensive network monitoring and reporting tools.

Ultimately, the choice of firewall depends on your specific needs and preferences. It's important to keep in mind that no firewall can guarantee 100% protection, so it's recommended to use additional security measures like antivirus software and safe browsing practices for a comprehensive security setup.

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How biased is @Bot :unsure:, he/she didn't even ask which operating system as it does not state this in the title or OP.

Seriously though, learning windows firewall can be a bit much, but to be honest, most firewalls will be this way unless you run them at default settings. You will have the best compatibility with the built in firewall though.


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Jan 8, 2011
How biased is @Bot :unsure:, he/she didn't even ask which operating system as it does not state this in the title or OP.
As did everyone else. What are you recommendations for Linux, Mac and Android users?

I would exclude Norton from the list, as it's not a standalone firewall.

  • Built-in Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
  • GUI for WFP-based firewall (TinyWall, WFC and others)
  • Other custom firewalls with advanced features (IDS, HIPS, Sandbox)
  • GlassWire - free and premium plans.

Pairing with a DNS-based solution may produce better or worse results.

Some solutions may be considered "unsafe" for those who are Anti-[Country]-based cybersecurity companies.


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Jan 8, 2011
In macOS Sonoma: Vallum Firewall + Murus Pro

In iOS 17 (iPhone): no firewall
I saw both of these yesterday, however, having never used either I decided against sharing them.

@flaubert1971 What's your experience from using Vallum and Murus? How easy is it to set-up compared to other Firewalls?

For those interested, here's a comparison between the two: Murus and Vallum Comparison
  • Vallum is an application firewall
  • Murus is a network firewall
Murus and Vallum are designed to cooperate. Murus groups can be managed directly from Vallum. Vallum is also able to issue custom PF rules or blacklist IP addresses at network level.
Both Murus and Vallum are part of the Murus Pro Bundle, starting from $35.

iOS does block Ad trackers which acts similar to a Firewall. However there are other Apps with a GUI to monitor, manage and block unwanted connections.

Lockdown Firewall for iOS
  • Local VPN to monitor and block unwanted connections
  • Open source and free
Guardian Firewall Pro for iOS
  • Allows custom rules
  • Expensive


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Aug 19, 2019
Depends on what configuration I'm trying out but I bounce between these:

Comodo Firewall (Beta) - @cruelsister 's tweaks
Windows Firewall Control - Malwarebytes
Windows Firewall - WindowsFirewallHardening @Andy Ful 's application

I like all three and Windows Firewall still runs with CF installed so I also use WFH on top for the recommended LOLbin blocks at the same time. Built-in apps will always start first before 3rd party and it takes MIcrosoft Security Centre usually a few minutes to recognize what 3rd party is installed so layering is the best approach as always ;)


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Oct 14, 2019

My experience with Vallum and Murus is excellent.

Vallum works very well - I also have a lifetime license for Little Snitch but I don't use it - it has never given me a problem and it is simple to configure and use. Murus instead requires more attention: you need to practice a little before configuring it well. But it's not difficult.


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Mar 29, 2018
portmaster for me, im good for now
What's your experience with Portmaster? How do you use it? Default, tweaked, etc? 🤔

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