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It may be a paradise for the owner of a laptop Pc suffering from fever problems.:)
If i go outside with it, maybe yes(y) I have like +26 indoor and my pc under load is sitting at around +50-55

Oh.... Finland. What a nice and interesting country. I look forward to visiting there one day.
Only if you come either to here in eastern Finland or northen (lapland) where the nature is at


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Currently at it's past 2:30 AM here and the temperature is 30°C but that's not the main issue. The main issue is Humidity. Humidity is currently 90%. So, if I stay away from the fan even for a minute or two I start sweating. In day time the temperature would be around 36°C and the humidity around 60%. The temperature is bearable for us but because of humidity you just can't escape sweating. I was in Delhi, India last month where the temperature reached 42° but I almost didn't sweat at all because the humidity was very low around 17%. So, I was fine & fresh. But here because of sweating it's disgusting. I'm eagerly waiting for winter which is still 5 months away.


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It was an actual and real Spring day today in filthy New York City, with variable clouds and a temperature of around 70 F/21 C and a breeze of about 15 miles/hour. Now it is raining torrentially but for a brief time. Very Spring-like.