Which AV/IS, you love the most & Why

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I've used MSE, Immunet, Webroot for extended periods with zero infections or problems, but my fav is Avast Free w/Windows firewall. Only thing I don't like about Avast is having to switch on all the PUP features.


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Yes... Avast should switch on PUPs by default IMO.
They already have. :rolleyes:

Only it's PUPs installed by Avast on, bundled with your software updates, instead of PUP protection on. o_O Yup.

Turn on PUP protection, by the way, and you'll get good coverage - except against Avast partners, of course. :D

Let me repeat what should become a MalwareTips mantra: your mouseclick matters. ;)


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- Free (I dont mind paying for a suite btw)

- Great protection and signatures

- Alot of great side features (e.g. alot of extension are installed by chrome update that i cant access for the menu and avast detects them, sandbox, and updater)

- Light on system

- Very Customizable

- Great support forum (Essexboy and Pondus <3) and doesnt conflict with Malwarebytes
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Avast. Avast has a slew of features and performs scans at an okay speed. What I like about Avast is its Boot-Time Scan. Avira, my second choice, has a very simple interface, sometimes to simple! It took forever to download, but performs pretty good and loads much faster because of its simple UI. AVG asked for a license key even though I downloaded free version! Cannot X out, cannot go anywhere! Deleted it after 2 hours.
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