Q&A Which block lists do you use with UBO, AG and ABP ?


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Apr 5, 2015
These are among others the one I'm using from my different browsers FF, Brave and Chrome based.

AdGuard Annoyances

Peter Lowe’s Ad and tracking server list

Top500 most used ad & trackers in West Europe & North America

http : // vxvault . net/URL_List . php


I don't care about cookies

Online Malicious URL Blocklist

Reduce Google nuisances on search, maps and youtube

Which block list do you use for now ?

How do you cope with the overlapped lists ? Do you compare, cleaned your list ?

Do you make your own customized list ?

Any comment or contribution will be great, thank you all.
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Jan 26, 2020
I use Adguard Family with default settings & Adguard DNS with Malware Filtering. :unsure:
Me too, I use AdGuard for Windows and its Browser Assistant in Edge. That's all. I use them with their default settings.
Also I turned off these:


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Oct 1, 2019
My girlfriend had to print something and she still had our previous printer installed, so she used my desktop. SHE noticed the lack of cookie prompts on my desktop and asked me to tweak that (no cookies) on her laptop also. She uses Adguard so I have the enabled the following Adguard filters
- advertisements: Easylist (optimized)
- privacy: Easlylist (optimized)
- annoyances: Adguard annoyances and Easylist cookie list

I checked on Google search, maps, youtube, CNN and NU and this seemed to do the trick. When I want less as possible website breakage, advertisements, trackers, cookie prompts wiith as less possible blocklists (currently just below 60k rules) are these the list to apply?
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Jun 21, 2020
I find to have large success on relatives' computers using uBlock Origins in easy mode with:
  • Adguard Base filter+Easylist, Adguard Dutch, Adguard Annoyances;
  • The Blocklist Projects: ads filter(!!)
  • Easyprivacy
  • All uBlock Filters (uBlock Specific)
!! - This project contains multiple specialized, separate filter lists. I only took the filter marked as 'Ads Filter'.

Filters I enabled a few months ago for them with success, but being optional as they have done without for a long time.
  • Badmojr/1hosts Lite
  • StevenBlack/hosts
As well as a few static filters of my own making:
! ----- Annoyances -----
bol.com,buienradar.nl,omroepgelderland.nl##body:style(overflow: visible !important;)

# [google.*]
google.*##div[owner][jsowner] > div[jsname][aria-hidden]
google.*##div[owner] > div[class]:has(div[class][role="button"])

# [youtube.com]
! Hide data protection laws and privacy policy popup banner.
! Consent dialog.
youtube.com##+js(set, ytInitialData.topbar.desktopTopbarRenderer.interstitial.consentBumpRenderer.forceConsent, false)
youtube.com##+js(json-prune, [].response.topbar.desktopTopbarRenderer.interstitial.consentBumpRenderer)
youtube.com##+js(json-prune, topbar.desktopTopbarRenderer.interstitial.consentBumpRenderer)
! Login dialog.
youtube.com##+js(set, ytInitialPlayerResponse.auxiliaryUi.messageRenderers.upsellDialogRenderer.isVisible, false)
youtube.com##+js(set, ytInitialData.overlay.upsellDialogRenderer.isVisible, false)
youtube.com##+js(json-prune, [].playerResponse.auxiliaryUi.messageRenderers.upsellDialogRenderer)

You could try OISD.

Though I tried the famed OISD, but for them if something gets blocked or breaks, since its such a gigantic list... They don't understand what to do, so for them, I steered clear from it (technology-/digitally "Challenged"). I have heard no complaints so far for me to disable a list or unbreak a specific website, other than whitelisting Twitter, Facebook and Facebook affiliated services (WhatsApp, Instagram). The Adguard base, Annoyances, Dutch filters being the only onces containing cosmetic filtering values.

Though ended up disabling Easylist cookie list due to some websites have their cookie banner hidden with it, but ending up being broken with the page scrolling. Without it, I had to unbreak 3 domains with their browsing habits for page scrolling using "##body:style(overflow: visible !important; )". Though some cookie banners still do show up. Still looking for a better way to handle those for their doing.

edit: You could try to manage it with NextDNS and use Adguard purely for cosmetic and cookie filtering.
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Oct 1, 2019
@rain2reign thanks for the buienradar rules (y)

I am not a fan of large blocklists (I only use Kees1958 most prevalent EU-US myself with uB0), so with the four lists I mentioned the rule count is just below 60K).

When using a large blocklist I prefer Easylist. Brave puts a lotof work in cleaning them (Fanboy's latest effrts reduced Easylists filters 40% in size) and Adguard has a version with only rules which are triggered often.

With the aid of Brave (Fanboy list maintainer) and Adguard (optmized filters) the two major disadvantages of large blocklists 'many dead/obselete rules' and 'rules for websites you probably never visit' are tackled. That is why I as a small 'server based third-party blocklist' man enabled the Easylist large lists on my girl friend's laptop.
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Apr 5, 2015
@rain2reign I tried your YT static filter, but unfortunately, it doesn't bypass the consent YT page.
How to bypass YT consent page ? Is there a filter that can do it ?
For instagram, I also looking for how to view a profile or hashtags results without logging into my account using filters.
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Aug 2, 2020
@rain2reign I tried your YT static filter, but unfortunately, it doesn't bypass the consent YT page.
How to bypass YT consent page ? Is there a filter that can do it ?
For instagram, I also looking for how to view a profile or hashtags results without logging into my account using filters.
This article maybe useful.


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Jun 21, 2020
@rain2reign I tried your YT static filter, but unfortunately, it doesn't bypass the consent YT page.
How to bypass YT consent page ? Is there a filter that can do it ?
For instagram, I also looking for how to view a profile or hashtags results without logging into my account using filters.
If you are talking about the new consent.youtube/google.com page. You can't bypass that with filters. No one has succeeded in successfully bypassing it without some complications. You need to manually block the cookie for the specific URL being:
For YT: https://consent.youtube.com
For Google: https://consent.google.com

This will skip the consent page, but will break some other things on YouTube. It's Google's next experiment to bypass content blockers. And they have somewhat succeeded with this one. There are a few extensions on Firefox that were created during the past few days, that have somewhat successfully countered it to an extent, but it's still not a proper alternative.

Since uBlock can't delete nor block cookies, you have to do that in the cookiemanger of the browser itself, or through the 'info page' (ctrl+i on Firefox). AdGuard however is able to handle cookies, for AG users.

I, for one, use the Multi-Account Containers Addon on Firefox and blocking the cookie URL, seems to bypass the consent page by forcing the redirecting to not happen. But it deletes the tab including its history... If you searched Food on Google, then it would go 'Google.com > Food > delete tab > consent page > new tab' reclaiming the tab won’t return the tab history either.

Disclaimer: I refer to the site(s) itself, and not as a third-party widget/connection or third-party link.


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Jun 21, 2020
The idea is great, one unified list for almost every region and tracking. But I do agree. While the filter is maintained by a good and proper developer with quick response time and testing the submissions himself too. It literally has soo many filters included that deleting every duplicate in itself is near-impossible. Even notices some filters in the included filters tab on the website that are duplicates or are lists which consists of more than 10 lists themselves. There are simple so many combinations that could lead to the same root... It's just too much work to polish in my opinion.

I, myself, am experimenting in uBlock for the fun of it with various new filters. 🤡

Jan Willy

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Jul 5, 2019
I use the tip of @venustus, simply block setting cookies see picture

View attachment 256435
Instead of blocking cookies in your browser(s), you can use rules in Adguard for Windows. I don't know if this works in Adguard extension.
E.g.: ||consent.youtube.com^$cookie=/.+/
rain2reign has already drawn attention to this point in his post nr. 129.
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Apr 6, 2021
I need a clarification. @TairikuOkami checked Disable cosmetic filtering but at the same time unchecked Parse and enforce cosmetic filters.

To give up cosmetic filtering altogether is enough to check Disable Cosmetic Filtering or is it necessary at the same time to uncheck Parse and enforce cosmetic filters? What is the purpose of the Parse and enforce cosmetic filters box? Unchecked shows 0 cosmetic filters, basically what Disable cosmetic filtering would do.


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Apr 5, 2015
Blocking Google consent prompt by blocking Google websites from setting cookies in the browser (tip shared by Venustus)

View attachment 256459

Rule count in AdGuard is 3680 :) Less is more (I rarely see a "please disable your adblocker" prompt).
Lenny_Fox: Where is the Venustus topic ? Could please share links related to the four filters list appeared in your screenshot, please ? I'd like to test it those with UBO


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Oct 1, 2019
@ floalma

In stead of using my generic and popular website filter add below to your My Filters
! -----------security

! Block third-party executable content from insecure HTTP websites

! Block downloading executable content from insecure HTTP websites

! -----------privacy

! Block ping (for sending beacons and hyperlink auditing)

! Block CNAME trackers (not covered in EasyList Privacy)

! -----------annoyances

! Block switch to Chrome popop on Google search

! Strip Google click identtifier and Google search location parameter

! Hide Google Search consent popup (on search & maps & translate)
google.*##html:style(overflow: visible !important;)
google.*##+js(aeld, DOMContentLoaded, CONSENT)

! Hide Youtube signin and consent popup

! Replace embedded iframes with click-to-load redirect to skip ad pop-up on Youtube

! Block and hide Youtube advertisements and tracking


youtube.com##+js(set-constant, playerResponse.adPlacements, undefined)
youtube.com##+js(set-constant, ytInitialPlayerResponse.adPlacements, undefined)
youtube.com##+js(json-prune, [].playerResponse.adPlacements [].playerResponse.playerAds playerResponse.adPlacements playerResponse.playerAds adPlacements playerAds)

! linkedin

! Twitter

! facebook

! Pinterest

! Reddit

My bookmarked websites : https://raw.githubusercontent.com/LennyFox/My_Adguard_Blocklists/master/Bookmarked websites
Kees1958 EU-US most prevalent: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/K...y_blocklist/master/TOP_EU_US_Ads_Trackers_ABP

You will find it in the status post of @venustus (he posted an article which explains it) The trick to block consent prompt with your chromium based browser setting can be done by blocking setting cookies in the browser for certain websites, see spoiler
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