Q&A Which is the fastest Antivirus in your opinion?


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Jan 8, 2011
This may help: Performance Test April 2020 - AV-Comparatives (Windows 10 64-bit only)

Please note: We want to make clear that the results in this report are intended only to give an indication of the impact on system performance (mainly by the real-time/on-access components) of the consumer security products in these specific tests. Users are encouraged to try out the software on their own PC’s and see how it performs on their own systems.


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Jan 10, 2017
Performance depends on system...but there are some av's with generally speaking low impact:
Panda, Cylance, Webroot, Qihoo 360, Immunet, Norton and McAfee
But you can tweak the most other solutions for lower footprint: Change the real time protection to "on access only"
and whitelist the game folders if you are a gamer.


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Jun 1, 2019
I am also with you on this one, ESET is the fastest and lightest on the market in my opinion.

Not least because it is not bloated like the other anti-viruses that install VPN, parental controls etc., and most people do not use these tools.

They focus primarily and primarily on protection, which is the main feature of security software.


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Aug 17, 2014
ESET for sure, is not only fast. But with great BB signatures / real time protection. I don't focus in the fastest antivirus. I focus in balanced Antivirus that is faster but with great protection.
Probably wrong typing from you? ESET doesn't offering a great BB (behavior blocker), only similar module known as HIPS!

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Jun 23, 2018
Webroot was both the fastest and lightest on resources that I have used, though it has a tendency to create enormous files on disk. The quick scan from WD is very fast for me, usually about 2 min. on a 5200 RPM HDD, while the quick scans from Avast and most other AVs took about 8-10 min. on a similar HDD.


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Sep 13, 2018
{mutters to self: here she goes again :rolleyes:}

Fast--in what way? Defender surely isn't "fast" in general but it's largely invisible. I like that better. The two helper programs I use to supplement Defender are like remora fish, they're there in spirit, not in bulk.

99.9999% of the time, I don't care to know that a security software is installed on my system. It should be silent and easily forgotten. Only time "fast" is necessary and required is to catch a bad-ware. Lightning -fast.