Which of these Web Browsers do you use?

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I use both Chrome and Mozilla, because I'm used to them =) Two years ago it was a problem for me to use Chrome because of the amount of RAM that it eats, but then I bought the new PC and everything became fine. I'm not interested in any new browsers because the ones that I use now, satisfy all my needs. They have to piss me off really bad, to make me download something new.


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I'm using since the 90's Firefox/Mozilla only: nearly from the start of this project ("Mozilla foundation").
The advantages (in my eyes): highly customizable (lots of add-ons and designs/skins), quite stable
and secure (in the past few years). But when i will have some more time then will also take a look at
the brand new browsers/alternative browsers like Cent, edge,vivaldi, chromium etc.....


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My current default browser is Cent.
At the moment Edge is used as secondary browser.
Most of the time i am using Firefox or Cyberfox as my main browser and Cent for movies and live streaming.
Cent in movies is using less CPU than Firefox.
p.s: i am waiting Vivaldi to mature to use it again very nice browser

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Chrome 64 Bits - for my family - as I find it stable, secure, extension & overall good.
Cyberfox portable Intel 64 Bits - I use it.

Tried Vivaldi portable 32 Bits - I find it good but still there are quirks & not ready to replace the main browser on the system.
Tried Edge - I find it buggy & kinda incomplete browser, updates/improvements will make it better so needs little time.

Will give a try to Brave when stable is out.


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I can redirection fails when clicking on Microsoft Answers links from Google on Chrome, but works fine in Incognito and on Edge.

Browsers using:
Chrome (Windows), Opera (Android), Edge, Safari (Mac/iOS)
I honestly have no idea of what causes that redirection loop (and its failure). I just don't bother with it anymore and use Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.


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I use Firefox because of great extensions eg vtzilla not available chrome allows me to check progs before I download them also my password manager Roboform can access before homepage loads which chrome doesnt so overall firefox best for customisation & speed for me.
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