Which of these Web Browsers do you use?

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Practical advice on browsers was the very subject which originally brought me to Malware Tips!:) I agree with David98's observations which reflect upon our own personal biases.
Our choosing a browser is very much like selecting the car we'll own & drive, and if that "vehicle's" performance, practicality, safety, and stability, weren't already a tall order, most still require their chosen browser to be (at the very least) customizable. Essentially, what I seek is a browser that does everything; and does it well. In short, I want the development muscle and resources of Google, but I still seek the smaller less intrusive quality that allows my sense of individuality and control. This is why I use Slimjet, installed on linux lubuntu & on a separate virtual machine. With a sense of retaining quality while reducing the bloat, my alternatives to Firefox have been been respectively Cyberfox and Palemoon. Palemoon which I currently use is the greater challenge in finding alternative forked addons or workarounds for the useful extensions I've learned are incompatible, but it's worth the search upon this journey which like development never ends.:)

..& Yes, I shall look forward to trying, and experiencing, Brave browser.

BTW, Umbra's & Lucent Warrior's revelations of Edge's advantages through the use of App Container pulls me in another exciting direction too!:D :cool:
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My main browser is Opera (39.0)
2nd most used: Vivaldi
I also use from time to time Slimjet and Epic

BTW... Yes, I've also tried Brave (looks promising)

and over the years I've tried Firefox, Chrome, Superbird, Palemoon x64, Cyberfox, Netscape and Safari (for windows) and perhaps a few more of which I'm having trouble remembering. Though perhaps that is what happens when you've been on the web since dial-up days
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Vietnamese style browsing.. sounds interesting. I love home-made national things.
It is Chromium based. Which core it is using right now?
it uses webkit/chromium. same as google chrome. maybe it is a bit slower, but it has download accelerator, torrent downloader, and some vietnamese stuffs you dont need. besides these it is the same as chrome

download accelerator is good for files that less than 1Gb
if files are larger, it might freeze your pc a bit the accelerator still works but not as efficient. Then I suggest for very large files, we should use portable eagleget or something else portable

if you use, disable Coc Coc metasearcher because if you search directly from the omnibox, it will redirect to Coc Coc search instead of google search
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