Q&A Whitepaper on Quick Heal's Web Filtering Services (2020/11/13)


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Dec 27, 2014
Extracts from the PDF:

„Deep Learning-Powered Detection
Our cloud-delivered Quick Heal Web Filtering Service is ML-Powered and analyzes uncategorized sites using advanced machine learning, to stop never-before- accessed malicious URLs or URLs belonging to restricted categories.“

„Quick Heal Web Filtering processes an average of 150,000 new URLs every day in 2020 - that's 2 new URLs every 2 seconds.“

„Quick Heal Web Filtering Cloud DB has information on 140 million URLs & Domains.“

„Quick Heal Web Filtering is built to handle infrastructure failures and provide high-quality service. (99.95% uptime).“

„Goes beyond DNS filtering with protection and support at the domain, page-level, and full-path URL.“

„New Sites Are Classified Automatically:

All new sites and subsites are classified on the fly within a few minutes. No need to wait for a manual review.

Mis-Categorization Fix

Found an error with our classification? Simply let us know, and we will fix it. If it’s urgent, and during working hours, you can contact us for quicker repair.

Faster Response

More than 80% request-response latency time is less than 50 millisecond, helping in having a much better user experience.“

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