Expired Windscribe VPN offering free 30GB relief tier for #TurkeySyriaEarthquake

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that all promo codes will remain active. Some offers have a short validation period and expire.

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Feb 8, 2023
How to get a license
1. Log in to your Windscribe account
2. Account Status: Claim Voucher
3. Enter code: OZGURLUK


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Jan 8, 2011
Twitter was blocked due to public criticism of how the #TurkeyEarthquake tragedy has been responded to.

  • This code will upgrade the account for free to a 30GB relief tier with additional benefits and make it easy for people to circumvent censorship there
  • If you are an NGO, charity, or relief group relating to #TurkeySyriaEarthquake get in touch and we'll provide you with free Pro licences to help you keep communication flowing.


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Oct 14, 2020
I mean trustworthy! I am near 100% sure that most of the VPNs are selling data (otherwise their business model would not make sense).

I would personally (my personal opinion) is that Mullvad can be a better choice. Mullvad has one of the most clear privacy policy and terms of service. I personally can understand it easily and they do not collect any information from you not even an email. Some VPN providers try to make their policy so complicated (intentionally) that the user gets lost in the content with many questions.

I think you can grab a great deal from @SerialCart if you are interested.
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