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@Gandalf_The_Grey Bandizip is as great program!!

@motion I personally use 7Zip as it is free and does what I need it to do. Simple, light weight, and easy to use program!

If you don't mind me asking @motion what are you looking to get out of either of the programs? Myself and or others can help steer you into the right direction if we had more information! :D(y)(y)

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WinRAR has nothing on 7-Zip, free, open source, light weight and fast.

Bandizip? Would never use it without a Firewall rule,
The Software automatically communicates with the Company’s servers on the Internet. Automatic communication functions are used for the Software version check and update notice. We may work with analytics companies such as Google Analytics to help us understand how the Software is being used. You can stop the above actions easily by uninstalling the Software.