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Hi @Dani Santos

Any Infos for an Anti Ransomware and Anti Exploit Feature/ Function or an Option into Xvirus Personal Guard 6

And can you check this please is the Start-up.exe not in the Setupfile and not in the Folder.

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There will be no anti-ransomware or anti-exploit in xvirus perosnal guard. And the startup.exe was removed from xvirus personal guard and is now only in xvirus personal cleaner


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Both bugs will be fixed. As a quick fix: you can try go on task manager and search for xvirusstart.exe end the process and then try update again.

I will test it when the new Version comes out and give you the Feedback

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why this is happening like i have in some VS project's the same problem ?
I don't really understand what you are trying to say however the issue with the bug posted above by @Mops21 is down to the GUI being designed for the English version and therefore the translation string exceeded past the characters from the English translation, therefore pushing parts of the word behind the button switch control. If the string wasn't pushed behind the control then it would have overlapped the button control instead, making the same bug but a bit differently (since then the switch control would have been in-accessible completely).

The solution would be to change the translated string so it's shorter and fits correctly as the original string (English version) does, or to increase the width of the control holding the additional controls (the settings) if another translation is being used so it fits correctly.