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ZoneAlarm free firewall fails the ping request part of the GRC Shields Up common ports test. When I used to use Comodo firewall it passed it, although Online Armor didn't.

Is a firewall failing this part of the test anything to worry about, and can ZoneAlarm be configured to pass it? Security settings are on high.


If you are behind NAT router then leak\ping tests will give erroneous results.

You must setup a LAN with another computer behind the NAT router - and use the other computer - to accurately leak test the system you wish to "test" - or - you can set up port-forwarding from your NAT router to your PC.

Leak tests always cause confusion because how to set up your system to accurately test is not explained.

Leak tests are a waste of time... most of them are obsolete since they have not been updated in many years. Even if they were updated regularly, I do not see much value since, as I said, proper instructions are never provided.

Leak test results are not something the typical user should fret over... really.


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Indeed, these types of leak tests,analyze "software" firewalls, not a "hardware" firewall behind a router!!
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Thanks for the feedback. I won't worry about it then. I was just puzzled why Comodo Firewall passed the test though.
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