ZoneAlarm Free Firewall problem

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Mar 24, 2015
Hello everyone! I'm posting to check if any of you may help me..

I installed a while ago ZoneAlarm Free Firewall and since then i've been having lots of issues with my League of Legends Client. When a new game is about to start, it won't. It just doesn't. Now if i go to the firewall and turn it off, then i can play online. Alright, you may be thinking "just add an exception". I did. League of Legends opens way too many processes for the client and i added every single of them, it still happens. Sometimes i can enter to the game, sometimes i can't..

Any ideas?
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I remember that I solved that problem with putting ZoneAlarm firewall settings to the maximum.
That way, whenever a process wanted to start, ZoneAlarm ask for your permission and created a rule and worked perfectly. When I did it as seems logical (ie as you've done), the soft that needed specific ports to run did not work