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Apr 5, 2017
#5 is Tahquamenon falls in the upper peninsula. You would be so welcome here :emoji_ok_hand: but have a second look at the video I posted on pg 1 :cry: It's stranegly difficult to find inland photos worthy of posting, conspiracy?

Bryan i watched that video when you posted it and i skipped through it again quickly there and do you know something, i could live there, there is still space all around and even though it may be a bit derelict, it is far better than where i live. Don't get me wrong, i love my city and i'm proud the be a Glaswegian but we just have no space, no greenery just buildings every where, every plot of land gets sold off to build on whether it's houses/ apartments/ offices and it's depressing to see grey all around and everything is packed tightly together, i sometimes feel like i'm suffocating in a grey sea.

I typed a search for Glasgow landscapes and what came up was landscape gardeners, hardly a picture worth posting like you say. There are some nice (not beautiful) night sky pictures but usually with a monstrosity of a building or structure as the focal point but i suppose that is the price of being in what was once a thriving industrial city. I posted a pic to a friend earlier of what i dream of some day but sadly will never have



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Sep 5, 2017
The act of confronting your inner face like that is called 'Zen', and it seems that Steve Jobs also adopted it as a custom of life.
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I think there is no fast food restaurant next door. However, there may be a Japanese confectionary shop 'wagashi-ya'. 'Zen' must endure also the temptation.:ROFLMAO:
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It is not clay work. It's a sweetie.

The spread of a hill covered with pale color flowers. Nice.:)(y)
kawaii :D :D


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Jan 28, 2018

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