Best program/application you've ever used

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Jan 16, 2017
What is the best program/application software you've ever used on Windows OS? Any type/category is fine but exclude following types of programs:
1) Security software like antivirus, anti-malware and second opinion scanners. Because there's already millions of those thread at MT. :p You can include Anti-exes, HIPS and Software Restriction Policy software though.
2) Games. But you can include game enhancing software, tuner etc.

I choose IDM(Internet Download Manager) as my favourite. Years of slow and unreliable internet and could never stream videos. It was a lifesaver or Internet-saver for me. :)


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Dec 29, 2014
This is HARD. Kind of helps me realize how much good software exists. Guess I will go with backup since it has saved my a$$ so many times:

Paragon Backup and Restore

Please allow me to credit the following:
Comodo Programs Manager (I use 1.2.188360)-this just works so good but needs tweaks to run on W10
Inkscape-what would the world be without free image tracing/vectoring?
Virtual Clone Drive (Elaborate Bytes)-\very handy DVD emulation that's very well written and clean (I really like that about an app)
Revo Uninstaller Pro for making the full capabilities of the program available for free (y)
AppCheck A/R-big thanks to these devs. Pls keep it going!
WinMerge-another clean app that compares folders (files) making it easy to find changed files in supposedly identical folders and update old ones

Many others out there but these are the ones other than standard security that I think deserve the most credit for being good.


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Nov 9, 2017
Bandizip - maybe not the fastest one yet it has a lot of options making it the most convenient free compress/extract app to me.
IDM - no doubt the most-used download manager. I use Autoruns to disable its injection to Windows Explorer and whenever I don't want.
qTranslator: free universal translator app support many such as Gg, Bing, Yandex, Oxford etc.. I can translate text EVERYWHERE I can select text. If not there is OCR function (limited time to use).
ClipDiary: smart clipboard monitor. Free for non-profit use.
ShareX: free open source appto take screenshot, make notation and record monitor. ;)
Appguard: long-time-lover and must-have security solution.
Emsisoft: not a must-have but whenever I'm bored with Appguard or friends asking for an antivirus, it's the only one I could use or recommend them with ease.
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Jun 14, 2017
Rollback Rx for saving me from crash and I was not able to boot than Rollback come like an angel and magnetically restore my computer to an earlier time.
True key to his continuous work
Zemana for protecting me from malware
Heimdal security Special thanks for updating applications and block unknown websites and Heimdal team for posting informative guides
My previous Av's and current Av Bit


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Apr 1, 2017
For me, there is some in every category:
Multimedia player and related software: Fx Audio Enhancer, Splash player pro, and AIMP player!
Internet: Yandex browser, FlashGet DW manager, Bw meter, Adguard and ofc Grammarly because I'm handless without it -_-
Utility tools: Kerish doctor, wise disk cleaner, O.O.Defrag, crystal disk info, and Cameyo.
Image and graphics: Adobe illustrator, XnView, Vector Magic:D
Game: Only league of legends that's all :D don't need any game when you have league of legend.
Messanger: Telegram although the desktop version lack end to end encryption but still secure.
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May 16, 2017
- iSkysoft Video Editor, excellent for my needs. Very easy and intuitive and never overheated my laptop when rendering.
I got it as a giveaway but since I reinstalled Windows I lost the activation. Hope to catch a new giveaway or get a good offer and buy a license.
- WordPerfect 5.1 (DOS version) great software. I got to learn all of the keyboard shortcuts as there was no mouse back then xD
- Adobe Photoshop CS6, less buggy and stable than current version
- DFX to enhance audio!
- Prince of Persia 1 (1989) it was addictive and usually drove my attention away from the lessons I had to study at that time xD
-eMule: it helped me get some difficult to find books and of course some music too!

Edit: oops @Deletedmessiah ... you requested "Windows" softwares and I included DOS too ;)


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Dec 29, 2014
How do you run it on Win 10? I suppose the tweaks would be same for 8.1 as well.
Nice list! (y)

Basically the same I think.

Set all the exes in the CPM folder to W7 compatibility. @roger_m I think created a batch file for it to work. Maybe he still has it. You can see here in his post (#43) he mentions it:

Should I use System Optimization software and which?

Not sure but the certificate may be out of date, so W8/10 software restriction policy might block the file from running. Even the installer might be blocked idk. I think you would have to get around that.

Here is a much more recemt post (#12) by @roger_m about using CPM:

Q&A - Uninstall program selection

Maybe he could give you the tips you need...
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Mar 17, 2013
Multimedia player : BS.Player, Winamp, VLC
Internet: AI RoboForm, and Mozilla Firefox with Hoxx VPN Proxy
Utility tools: MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro, WinRAR, - Windows Repair, Advanced SystemCare 11
Image and graphics: GIMP, IrfanView
Backup: EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation 9.1


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Dec 27, 2014
Revo Uninstaller Pro, to easily get rid of traces uninstallers leave back.
Really worth the money.

VLC Media Player for ages, even more as Windows Media Player in Windows 10 does not play DVD any more.

And, the Microsoft Snipping Tool.
It's built in, easy to use, and totally handy to snapshot everything you want to share. I don't need many functions, so I use this.
Think it first appeared in Windows 7, one of the greatest free tools to be found in stock Windows installation IMO.

I'm also a big fan of the Microsoft SysInternals tools like TCPView, Process Explorer (now replaced by the free System Explorer) and AutoRuns (all used for spotting system anomalies).

Last but not least Shadow Defender. Totally worth the money, for testing software and malware (*). Install, activate, use, reboot, no traces. No hassle so far.

(*)be aware of possible data theft! Do not store anything personal on the PC when using SD for such reasons.
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