Battle Bitdefender/Avira/F-Secure/Norton 360?


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Jul 26, 2015
@Denzo to be honest.

If your intention is to research allot on the world wide web. I suggest something that helps you mitigate before it hits your System/s.

- Example start with a DNS OpenSource and Free -> PiHole
There are very good Protections Lists that can prevent most bad URLs from doing something bad on your system.

- Browser Extensions -> UBlock Origin with if you are up to it -> Advanced Settings
Forum Post -> By @oldschool ->
Script Execution Prevention - Cross Site Script Protection - Privacy Settings and allot more... For Free!

For Super Advanced Users - Get a Sophos XG Home License for Free <- To be honest Free Ent. Security at Home <- WARNING you will need Advanced Network knowledge. To be able to setup the XG Properly.

For an Example - I myself use a different approach!

ISP Moedem ----> Mikrotik Router (With build in Firewall) ------> Mikrotik Switch -----> My PC

The Mikrotik Router is configured in a way that is Default Deny in term of Firewall Settings. This means you need to setup every single Port that a Application needs for communication.

Here is my Forum Post at Mikrotik with more explanation: Mikrotik Forum

So what is up with all that wall of text!!!!

Computer Security even at Home should be considered not only a PC thing -> Software can only do so much... -> If even needed!

Why is Anti-Virus Software outdated or not good?!
[My Opinion] - Windows 10 comes with Windows Defender out of the box, it is for free, it comes with Windows 10 in mind and can be customized in terms of setting.

Forum Post by @Andy Ful ->

So why spend money on an AV Product were things just get added or potentially damage your system coz it is not compatible with an update?!

Best regards
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Jun 24, 2016
It all depends what you're looking for. There's no such thing as "the best antivirus", while there is such thing as "the antivirus that suits you the most". Read How to choose "The Best Antivirus"?

In my personal opinion, Avira is no big deal. Wouldn't use it either version free or paid. F-Secure I've not used in years, I've heard many things, like it's light and solid.

BitDefender and Norton would be my top tier choices here. ADP and SONAR. Great behaviour blockers.

BitDefender has been almost redisgned from scratch since the previous versions. It's light, solid and almost bug-free (compared to the infamous older versions of it). Last time I used it was BitDefender 2020 and it was really really great. Light, efficient, sensitive. Norton is a great deal too, although a bit heavier in my tests. But that's something you'll have to check for yourself. Also Norton always gave me issues while uninstalling. Hated that.

I'd say try these two, use their free trials before buying anything.

Andy Ful

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Dec 23, 2014
Hi, Excuse me but what is best Bitdefender Total Security With Premium VPN, or any of the subscriptions they can offer you at F-Secure, I am very interested because I can get F-Secure for free as long I have Internet with STOFA(Danish ISP), but I am very happy with Bitdefender.
If you can use Bitdefender for some time without canceling the F-Secure license, then there is no problem.