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A new Brave Nightly feature: Brave Together

"Brave Together is a private video conference tool that you can use to call with your friends and colleagues. Nothing that you say or type in the service is logged or saved. See data processing detail.

Note: Your IP address is available to your Internet provider. If your Internet provider requires the use of a TURN server, then your IP address will also be available to a company called 8×8, which operates the TURN server. However, the content of your call is encrypted, which means your audio and video stay private.

To avoid scams: For the avoidance of phishing attacks, note that we at Brave never contact Brave Browser users in a Together call."

This could be a good alternative to Zoom, Skype, etc. We'll see ...



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Good news, hot off the presses!

"Hello, Community!
Within the next two weeks, Brave Sync v2 will release in our Nightly version, replacing Sync v1. Brave Sync v1 will no longer be supported. Sync v2 fixes several underlying issues in the code, and adds additional data types to be synced across devices. Sync v2 also provides an improved User Interface.
Sync v2 will first be available on Android and Desktop, with iOS to follow soon after. Users will be notified of the change based on the Brave channel and version installed. When this will impact General Release will be covered in an announcement to follow.
How do I check which version or channel of Brave I’m using?
There are four different Brave release channels, each with their own version number and corresponding icon. You can learn more about the differences between these channels on our Help Center 2.
To check which channel and version you’re using, open the Main menu and select About Brave. For example, if you were using the Nightly build of Brave, your About Brave page would look something like this:

1600×853 335 KB

1600×355 153 KB

If you are a user on Nightly, Developer, or Beta versions who has manually re-enabled Brave Sync (v1) via brave://flags:
  1. Sync v1 will automatically be disabled once the Sync v2 code becomes available in your channel.
  2. No data will be lost in the transition; Any bookmark data present on your local device(s) will be preserved.
  3. You will see an in-browser notification informing you that:
    “Brave Sync has been upgraded and requires setup | Start Setup”


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A recent post in Brave Community describing adblocking currently available in Nightly and Dev channels. Coming to release version down the road.

"The reason these show is because they are – due to the way FB serves it’s ads – technically first party ads, which are not blocked by default.
However, we do have a more aggressive option for Shields that will block any/all ads and trackers regardless of party status – this change is currently in Brave Dev and making its way down the Release pipeline. When you get the update, you’ll see an option like this in your Shields panel:
image764×1056 133 KB

Selecting the (Aggressive) option will block the sponsored FB ads you’re seeing as well.

Note, Facebook are notorious for evading adblocking tools. It wouldn’t be surprising these are showing up. They using same page elements of user posts and ads, making it harder to block without creating false positives."
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