Unlimited Edit Time for Thread Starters

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Jul 2, 2014
I have a thread called Best Free Softwares for New PC in the How-To-Guide section, that's intended to undergo another update after testing various other softwares as per the suggestions of the forum members. The problem is that now am unable to edit the first post (showing the list) unlike before. I could edit it before for around 8 months, as you can see in the changelog of that thread I've created, before the edit feature was taken down.

Can I humbly request the team to set at least the How-To-Guides subsection of the forum to have unlimited edit time for thread starters, so that people like me can update it time and again, because that forum subsection is prone to have revisions than the others. Or probably we can have Stickied threads to have unlimited edit time for the thread starter.
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