Solved Choosing security for my godson

I'm creating a survey on how to choose security for a new PC for a 6-year-old child

  • F-Secure Internet Security

    Votes: 14 70.0%
  • Bitdefender Total Security

    Votes: 5 25.0%
  • Avast Premium

    Votes: 1 5.0%

  • Total voters
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ForgottenSeer 103564

The child will be under parental control while using the PC
This is your best method of control and teaching. The adult needs to sit with the child and teach them as they go as well as maintain the system security which does not need to be over kill if an adult is monitoring. Its to easy for a child that age to trash a system or click on something they shouldn't, so the monitoring is your first line of defense. Is this a pro or enterprise version of windows being used. There is a built in sandbox in the pro and enterprise version that would be good for learning in before hitting the real thing with the monitoring.


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Jan 8, 2011
Why Windows over Chromebook / iPadOS?
  1. Parental controls.
  2. DNS-based Content Filtering.


Is it a good solution to start with to set my godson as PC security:

Windows Defender + DefenderUI (Max mode)

Mainly on the PC will be MS Office used
Does Windows Defender protect Office files quite well against malware ?

Or is it better to purchase other software.
I was still thinking about AVG, AVAST.

The kid is 6 years old and will just be starting his adventure with computers.
It is known how children are. They click everywhere.

Any suggestions welcome

ForgottenSeer 103564

Why Windows over Chromebook / iPadOS?
  1. Parental controls.
  2. DNS-based Content Filtering.
Chromebook was my thoughts as well as that is what most schools are even choosing. If an issues arises a simple powerwash will correct the computer. Still it goes without saying that no matter what they choose, parent supervision of computer activities is required especially for a child that age.

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The child will be under parental control while using the PC
In the near future (in 3 months), he plans to purchase the F-Secure Safe package for his godson.
I suggest trying Kaspersky Safe Kids Free. Parents can use the system too. If they do, they can simply exit Safe Kids. The free version provides core protection features and is sufficient for your situation. It blocks explicit content on supported search engines and YouTube on supported browsers. It also uses heuristics to block inappropriate content. Safe Kids includes categories and custom blocking, enabling you to allow excluded websites only. It is a separate program and not just an extension or module in a suite, which allows it to work robustly, even with a VPN connection. I have been using the Premium version on Windows systems for years, and it has been working light and flawlessly with no issues.

[Safe Kids recommendation is not just a suggestion but a proven option that I have been testing or using for years. I chose Safe Kids (tested a few) because it is stable, offers excellent protection, and has competitive pricing compared to other popular options. You can use one account for all your devices. Safe Kids is reliable for protecting teenagers as well. It is one of the few that works effectively with services like VPNs. If I remember correctly, it will give you the option to test the premium version for free for 7 days when you create an account. This allows you to determine if the free or premium version meets your current and future needs.]

I think using browsers and DNS-level protection is enough for 6-year-olds. You can turn on Safe Search on browsers and Restricted Mode on YouTube. Use ControlD Family Friendly DNS Free on the system. It locks Safe Search on browsers and Restricted Mode on YouTube, so kids can’t turn them off.

F-Secure needs a Windows Standard Account to prevent kids from bypassing it. However, it does not work or block with a VPN connection, like most. The software has basic features for paid parental control software.
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Mar 19, 2022
There is an affair in the family :)

My godson got a one-year license for F-Secure.
Due to the fact that he is with me very often (I have AVG IS) he stated that his uncle must have the same security. Child's whim or sense of security ????
Having a license for F-Secure up my sleeve from my dear wife - I had to install F-Secure on my laptop.
And so the kid will be more under my wing in terms of IT than his parents who are quite clueless

So that change will happen in my profile from AVG IS to F-secure
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