Hello and thank you so much for the kind welcome!

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Dec 18, 2017
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Windows 10
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Trend Micro
Not sure what to do, I upgraded my windows 7 to the free windows 10 and I HATE IT!! My computer was so slow that I couldn't do anything on it and my little girl loves to play the sims but it was just impossible to play any games at all what soever and I ran Malwarebytes and Hitman and my computer was all messed up! so I decided to go back to windows 7 but I waited too long to reverse it so i ended up do a factory restore and lost everything! :( and now my virus protection program wont work with my windows 7 so I'm vulnerable to viruses, malware, spyware, hackers and Avast Free Antivirus said my device is not configured correctly and is vulnerable to "WannaCry/DoublePulsar" attack!! And I sure cant afford to pay for another virus program. I have been up for 47 hours now trying to fix my baby I'm so heartbroken at this moment and I'm just so lost. does anyone have any suggestions? I have also attached the HitmanPro log if anyone can make any sense of it


Jun 14, 2017
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Linux Ubuntu
Apr 5, 2017
Operating System
Windows 7
Installed Antivirus
Welcome to MT @Dreamweaver1087, i sure hope you can get your pc sorted out, especially when you have a probably irate little girl around wanting to play games :)

I don't know anything about viruses etc to help you but you say that Avast said you are vulnerable (not infected as such) and it's your pc that's not configured correctly, unless i have read your post wrong (plus i don't understand the log you shared) Are you absolutely sure you need malware removal help ? (i don't mean to sound condescending BTW) anyways, the guys above have given you some advice on which steps to take next and once you are all sorted, you can download a free trial of anti virus software from most of the popular vendors which usually last 1 month but if you have kept a note of your license key from the one you had, you should be able to install it again. Sorry i can't help you any more with your problem, good luck (y)


Hi @Dreamweaver1087 :) A bit late but that HitmanPro report showed a lot of tracking cookies, which technically aren't malicious but can impact your online privacy. If you want, you can tell your browsers Chrome and Edge if ever on W10/Internet Explorer to block them under Advanced settings. An ad-blocker like uBlock Origin will help with that. Also, you can open a PC configuration thread for setup assistance, hardening your OS and definitely get your antivirus security set up and working properly. There are some great experts here. (y)
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Oct 23, 2012
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Welcome to MT :) Thanks for joining the community!