Homebrewed Zero Day behavior blocker test

Andy Ful

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Dec 23, 2014
These were meant to be pure behavior blocker tests, evaluating a specific subsystem that many AVs have which trigger on certain behaviors alone like registering startup items or modifying documents.
Defender on default settings has got a kind of local 'behavior blocker' that can block (suspend) the suspicious application for 10 seconds (or more depending on settings) to inspect the file in the cloud. But, this is a pre-execution behavior blocker.

The "behavior blocker" you think of can be introduced via ASR rules. ASR rules can also block the actions performed by processes on the run time (post-execution protection).

For most ransomware samples the settings introduced via ConfigureDefender HIGH preset will be enough.
For new-brand ransomware (targeted attacks), all ASR rules have to be enabled like in ConfigureDefender MAX preset, and additionally, scripting should be restricted.

Some script ransomware samples were tested on MH (modified samples seen in the wild), which could bypass the protection of most AVs.
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