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Beta Version Update (06.18.2019)
Dear velvet users:

Hello! Thank you for using the Velvet Security Software 5.0.

Here are the updates for today:

Product optimization

1. Optimized the pop-up blocker library.

Program defect repair

1. Fixed the problem that the file shredding setting page displayed in the English language.
2. Fixed an issue where the bug fix did not log.
3, fixed the window record needs to restart the system to delete the problem than the retention days record.
4. Fixed the problem that the virus samples under the shared directory were not backed up to the quarantine.
5. Fixed the problem that the cancellation was cancelled after the network was repaired.
6. Fixed an issue where the network repair failed to detect an error when the network card was not connected.
7, fixed the problem of custom log save days range.
8, fixed the U disk protection did not fix the .bmp and .zip format files.
9, fixed the problem of pop-up window blocking shortcut key conflicts.
10. Fixed the problem that the pop-up window interception interface was stuck.

With your help, Velvet is making progress every day, thank you for your support.

Velvet operations team

June 18, 2019

Behold Eck

Level 13
Been using HIS again for about a month and really liking it.

Used the sunshine-boy watchdog rules in a small test to check out the HIPs component and all is good nothing got through.

Incredibly light for a security suite so running something like Immunet along side to beef up the sigs isn`t a problem.

Has an outbound detection component but needs the sunshine-boy rules though to make the HIPS truly effective.

Easy enough to disable/enable when updating or installing new soft`s.

Works on XP as well, for anyone interested.

Keep up the good work velvet team(y)

Regards Eck:giggle:


Level 2
I also noticed that quick scan doesn't work but full does. Anyways they got a very configurable HIPS.
Lucky you! In my case non of the scans work! :( such a shame , because it is a highly configurable and feature rich program.I hope they will fix this in the feature...

Run quick scan again. If it freezes, look at the program folder

eg. C:\Program Files (x86)\Huorong\Sysdiag\bin\

Try to find the files end with .dmp

eg. HipsDaemon.exe.dmp

If do find, please upload these files and i will send to them.;)



Level 1
Lucky you! In my case non of the scans work! :( such a shame , because it is a highly configurable and feature rich program.I hope they will fix this in the feature...

Hey FrFc1908, I'm in charge of the operation of Huorong Internet Security. I noticed that you're encountering the issue constantly when trying to perform scans with HIS. Sorry about noticing this thread this late.

Would you mind providing the following information for us in order to try locating the issue please?

1. The OS version information.
2. The basic environment information, like CPU, memory, etc.
3. Does the environment has any 3rd party security software installed alongside with Huorong?
4. Check if there's any dump files in Huorong components folder (should be %programfiles%\Huorong\Sysdiag\bin\*.dmp for a default installation).
5. The screenshot when the hang occurs.
6. Notice if Hipsdaemon.exe still alive when the hang occurs. If yes, please checkout it's CPU usage (this will give us some clue that the scan is actually running or not).

Look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks for you feedback. Have a good one :).