Q&A Kaspersky and Path of Building (Path of Exile 3rd party tool) - SSL Connect Error


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Jan 14, 2015
Players who play Path of Exile, 90% of them would know the existence of a 3rd party tool to create and import builds called Path of Building.

Now usually the way it works is you either create from scratch your build or you import the build that is shared by other players. Import method usually revolves around pasting a Pastebin.com link (https).

If you however use Kasperky Internet Security or Total Security (didn't check Kaspersky Antivirus), you will have the following problem when importing a https pastebin link: SSL Connect error


Took me awhile to figure out how to solve this, and most likely because I do have most Kaspersky settings at their default stage.

Simply add pastebin.com into the list of exclusions from HTTPS.

To do so do the following:
1. Double click on the Kaspersky icon on the status bar.
2. Click on the gear icon ok the lower left to open settings.
3. Open the additional tab and click on network.
4. Scroll downwards and click on the manage exclusions option.
5.Click the add button.
6. Type pastebin.com and click on the add button.
7. Close the window and you will now be able to import the pastebin link

This might also affect other programs, so the steps above are applicable.

Steps 1.png

Steps 2.png

steps 3.png