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Thanks for the info...interesting.
In what order did you install them?
Comodo, BIT, KAF or Comodo, KAF, BIT?

Please let us know what AV detects first, what more ...;);)
I didn't tested on my pc but bitdefender blocked a phishing site page (popup ads) and kaspersky didnt blocked it. kaspersky blocked a legit page and reported it as phishing URL. Bitdefender Free is awesome and i would never faced any problem with that until now. Its light and doesn't take much resources and working well. Kaspersky blocked a page ( image) and called it as phishing URL and as far as i know its a false positive. On the other hand kaspersky have free virtual keyboard which can help you in some cases.


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After using Kaspersky Free final for a couple of days now, I must say I'm very pleased. Low performance impact, doesn't get in your face with ads or tries to upsell you higher tier products; its services don't hog your disk at 100% at random times like some other AV suites (looking at you Trend Micro). No false positives yet on my system. So far it blocked a couple of suspicious ads while surfing, but for the most time you can't even tell it's there. And IMO that's the way a decent AV is supposed to act. Kaspersky must have felt a significant backlash in view of KGB cooperation accusations to provide us with such a decent free offering. Currently it's 5/5 from me.


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What I meant was what specifically Kaspersky did about the telemetry. I do know a good bit about Windows 10 telemetry and actually discovered and published methods to reduce it including Folder-Locking the Programdata\microsoft\diagnosis folder to prevent many data leaks. For me, I run an incredible amount of telemetry blocking on my Untangle Transparent Appliance, setup specifically to do this. I have a huge array of custom blocking for things like Nvidia Telemetry, Snapchat spying, Samsung spying, etc. I discovered most of these myself through my on-network SIEM logging. I can't prevent everything but I can reduce it substantially!



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feedback :

kfa will not let me check my windows update > update history. check for updates kept on failing till i got rid of kfa.

this was my second shot ever with a kaspersky product, the first being years ago & am disappointed. goodbye kaspersky permanently.
I don't see this issue on any system. Maybe your WUS is damaged or corrupt, or worse, compromised? I'd run Tweaking.com repair tool to be safe, you can uncheck everything but repair windows updates and see what it finds. I can't imagine an AV would block checking Windows Updates unless there is a component broken or flawed in the WUS itself.


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Malware Hunter
Failed Testing ?
You can not expect the protection found in the paid versions in Kaspersky Free. There's no Behavior Blocker or Application Control in Kaspersky Free. To raise your security a little up, settings like the heuristics need to be set to max.
It's simple in case of K Free, if the samples (here ransomware) are not detected by definitions or KSN cloud data, your system gets trashed.
If you want complete protection, buy the paid versions or complement it with a program having good dynamic protection.

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Pretty nifty product. Tried it out on my old laptop and it doesn't seem to slow it down too much like I would have expected a Kaspersky product to. Interested in seeing what kind of results Kaspersky will score in testing


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It lacks behavior shield and its not blocking phishing sites as well. Today bitdefender free antivirus blocked phishing sites and kaspersky free is just lying there. So if you are using kaspersky free make sure you have another antivirus like avast or bitdefender free ( cloud free av with behavior detection). Kaspersky lacks behavior shield and not blocking some phishing sites. So stick to avast or bitdefender free with comodo firewall. Also many people do not install zone alarm free antivirus + firewall which also uses kaspersky antivirus and its firewall is excellent. So avast + zone free firewall or bitdefender free _ comodo firewall is a good combo. Even though i liked kaspersky free version its not as strong as other security products out there.


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If you're referring to the AMTSO phishing test page, KAV doesn't block it as well. Try opening kaspersky.com/test/aphish_h to see KFA blocks phishing websites.
On the site AMTSO the Bitdefender Total security in the cloud test does not protect


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Do they have to make it that obvious or is it an attempt at being funny? :eek::p
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That's the NSA Tactical Center for Industry Collaboration (ComINT) DDNS for MS Telemetry Sharing with the NSA according to many, so yeah, I want to block that. Other than licensing check and updates, nothing is bleeding from my Windows 10 machines. I pointed my SIEM to a Windows 10 machine and left it for a month and categorized everything for blocking. Not saying it's 100%, but there ain't much Microsoft leakage from my network.

Anyway, I have a SIEM pointed to KAF right now. So let's see what's up with it. =D
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