Site issues and feedback


Level 3
May 10, 2021

Website was not loading a few minutes ago


Level 7
Aug 2, 2020
When did this start to happen? Does it happen for any reaction that you give?
It happened only once so far, when I clicked like on this post by @upnorth today.


Level 7
Aug 2, 2020
@theking Do you have any extensions that block the javascript for this site? Did you change the browser settings to block javascript?
I have not changed or added any new extensions in weeks. The last extension I added a few weeks ago was
skip redirect in Firefox. It's possible one of my extensions updated automatically and caused the issue.

It seems to have happened just once so far.


Level 25
Sep 13, 2018
I understand that Windows 11 still being in the beta stage earns you a "Risk" tag on your Computer Security configuration if you're running it. Actually, I think we w11 users currently are more secure than maybe many in Windows 10 since we have the TPM 2.0, Secure Boot, UEFI, plus I have Memory Integrity and System DEP enabled. Nevertheless, it was mentioned by @harlan4096 that once W11 is released, the "Risk" tag will be removed.

I'm currently in the Insiders Beta channel and have no intention of returning to mainstream Windows 11 when that occurs in October. Does this mean I'll have to keep this "Risk" tag? Prior to all this, I specified I was in the Insiders Beta channel while in Windows 10 and my config still had the green "Secure" tag. So has this policy changed any in the past year?