The Best AV You've Ever Used?


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May 13, 2017
Best AV, that is hard, I pick AV based on the circumstances (OS, user, risk assessment). Like you do not take a raincoat during a summer day.

The best AV was AVG Free (old version), it was great until they included all the garbage.
Bitdefender Free (old version) was also a goodie, until the new version came out.

For a little updated ones, there is not much of a choice for me, I use free only:
1. Kaspersky Free - great detection, light, you can setup virtually anything, unlike in any other.
2. Panda Cloud Free - super light, if you have got a reliable connection, there is not a better alternative.
But if given an option Emsisoft would be my paid choice. It is user dependant, I love everything about Emsisoft.

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Oct 11, 2014
1-Norton for maximum security unknown malware using sonar
2-Bitdefender top high rated independent labs
3-Kaspersky top high rated independent labs
4-ESET top performance and lighter
5-McAfee for Unlimited Devices PC+Laptop+android and price



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Aug 7, 2017
From my user experience & opinion here are the best AV/security suites in order of preference for free & paid products:

a) Norton Security (A long time user..>10 years. Symantec/Norton give me great renewal deals. NS is a great all-rounder with excellent tech support but not necessarily the fastest scanner or lightest on the system. I keep coming back to Norton)
b) Kaspersky (A KIS subscription is VFM in my country. It is fast and light BUT I read too many spy novels) ;)
c) Bitdefender (The firewall's network latency bugs me no end, VFM depending on the country you buy a license. But a great product if you don't have the latency issue)
d) Webroot (Expensive! But very light on the system)
e) Emsisoft (Nice product. But I find Malwarebytes and Norton/Kaspersky/BD combine to form an unbeatable AV + Anti MW combination)
f) Zonealarm (A former user. I give this a pass. Once upon a time I loved their paid firewall product, Zonealarm Pro)
g) Windows Defender & Windows Firewall (Light and easy on the system and gets the job done. But nowhere close to the top suites in terms of features or detection. You get what you pay for)

My dislikes:

a) Quick Heal AV. (Stay far away)

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