The Best AV You've Ever Used?


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Aug 7, 2017
Dr.web is a customizable av, with clean GUI and a good firewall.They have an active forum you can visit it,they don't have fancy features like safe money pass manager or game mod,its pure av:p

A simple solution can definitely work for me. I don't need many of the bells & whistles that are a part of Norton/Bitdefender/Kaspersky's premium security suites.
Emsisoft is another alternative.

Qihoo 360 won't find a place on my PCs for the same reason as Kaspersky. For that matter even though I have licenses to utility software published by a company from a particular country in NE Asia (hint: starts with C ;) ) I chose to uninstall & stay far away after I noticed some funny network activity by a particular ET-phone-home kind of module. :D A refund request was turned down for vague reasons. The very same reasons are present on another so called "Canadian" utility software publisher's website. Hint: there was a give away of their utility software recently.

It's time to tread carefully.


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Jul 26, 2017
I am currently using Avira...
My previous one was Comodo, but after failing to intercept a significant number of viruses I switched to Avira.
(I kept Comodo as a firewall only)
Before Comodo I was using McAfee for many years. Nut Now it is too heavy and slow...
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Jul 16, 2014
For me is combined :
Avast & Malwarebytes .

Before I used Emsisoft - and it's very good software too.
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Vitali Ortzi

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Dec 12, 2016
good av but keeps driving me mad with the false positives. they`re sonar is nice but everything that it is new or not well known is flagged. nice ui, a whole lot of settings to play with and alot of shields. :thumbs up:
I usually use Kaspersky/ ESET for friends since low false positives are more important for them.


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Jul 19, 2018
what i mean .. Antiviruses that use excessive telemetry such as Avast, Avg, Avira and others, annoying posters as if they were spyware instead of an antivirus. An antivirus is there to protect you from malware, that is its function, not to fill you with advertising and send your data to third parties.
Sorry but that's my personal opinion of free antivirus.
If I had to use an av free it would be.
1.- Kaspersky cloud free
2.- Bitdefender free
3. Windows Defender.
They are the only antivirus that does not fill your system with telemetry and alerts
this is my personal opinion.

So your statement "free AVs give false sense of protection" is more like "some AVs give false sense of protection"?

South Park

Level 9
Jun 23, 2018
When I was on Windows XP, Avast Free 4.x protected me from some nasties embedded in a normally safe website that was hacked. Since Avast became very buggy around v6, I've used several free and paid AVs, but the one I keep going back to is Windows Defender, simply because it works (no infections found w/ 2nd-opinion scans) and gives hardly any FPs (only one that I can recall, and it was outdated Nirsoft software).

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