The Earth is Flat!?

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Jul 6, 2017
In the near future, I have a feeling that a topic titled 'The sun was rising from the west' will be posted. I have a feeling of chatting at a bar and I like this kind of threads quite a lot.;)
Well of these things there are a thousand, for example. I have a friend. Who now says that he is Jewish and every evening we have dense discussions. Because it is pure Spanish.:LOL:


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Apr 16, 2017
Ohh yeah. I should go tell that to my professor from my Civil engineering college. He will beat me with a surveying staff (used for teaching surveying) before I even get to ask how is he?
Jokes aside all surveyors have to correct the readings for the curvature of earth and refraction due to atmosphere (density gets lower as we go up from surface). Here is the formula we used (and derived for exam preparations only)
Curvature correction,
Cc = - 0.07849.D^2 meter

Refraction Correction, Cr = 0.01121.D^2 meter

Combined Correction C = Cc+Cr= -0.06728. D^2 meter; here D is in kilometer

Total Correction for a distance of 1Km is only 0.067m or 67mm.


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Mar 29, 2018
Yes, the reality is an interesting concept.
But, there is no proof that reality exists - in fact many scientists can argue that even the physical world has no objective meaning (especially in Quantun Physics). There are also many scientists who believe that the world we can feel and see is in fact a creation of our minds. So, what is the reality???:unsure:
If it exists, then can be also very strange and very different from the reality in our minds.

The theory of quantum entanglement is an example of this. Two objects separated in space/time that cannot be described independently. Each has an effect on the other. This turns our notions of "reality" on its head. Then there is the Buddhist view that everything is a creation of the mind. This view is that the things we normally see do not exist - in the least. We can say they exist, but not in the way that we perceive them. So, it goes without saying that each living being is responsible (in a way) for what they experience. We cannot control conditions, but we may attempt to control/change the way we react to them, the way our mind perceives them. Additionally, this brings great responsibility because our actions affect others in ways we cannot begin to comprehend!

Quantum entanglement - Wikipedia

Entanglement Made Simple | Quanta Magazine

Brilliantly Simple Explanation of Quantum Entanglement - Science and NondualityScience and Nonduality
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May 16, 2018

Earth is flat.

Once I went and found the edge... looked over, and accidentally fell off.

Oh, wait..



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Jul 3, 2015
People are free to believe that the world is flat, but don't hire them to build a long bridge for you, because the bridge will fall down if the curve of the earth's surface is not factored in.
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