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Hello! I'd go for Norton as it has always been a great suite for me. Norton's SONAR is great! I have never been infected with any virus with all the tweaks I have made to Norton. The firewall that Norton has is great as well. I could create a long list of positives for Norton, but I believe everything has been touched based on what I am reading.
@RoboMan has a point about the uninstall of this software. This use to be an issue a few years back. Now Norton has their own uninstall tool that tends to get all of the remaining dlls and stuff like that. Uninstalling shouldn't be an issue anymore. If you're worried grab a test trial of Revo Uninstaller.

Customer support (from what I have heard from the end-users that I installed this product on their machines) have always been impressed. The response is quick and they address any and all questions. Only had one end-user get infected before, but they had bad security habits and never kept the product up to date (mainly due to their computer not being turned on very often) and risky web browsing.

I agree with what others are saying - TM is heavier than Norton.


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I have tried almost all of them and decided to choose something else:
  1. Avira is overloaded with the freaking launcher and seems a little on the heavy side
  2. Trusport is heavy ..... too much for my laptop
  3. Norton refused to install with all my email addresses so i gave up.

Then I came upon PANDA GLOBAL which is so light, and with recent comparatives result I said why not. Am running it now and i feel i have made the right choice. Thanks everyone for answering
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