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@Arijit_dutta Have a look at the Smartadblock extension it is open source (Link to website SmartAdBlock)

It combines the functionality of AdblockPlus and ProperBlocker. You can also add custom filters as long as that filter is in adBlockPlus format and contains the [Adblock Plus 9.9] header (where 9.9 is version number of the ABP-rules used, like 1.1 or 2.0 or 3.5). You can also add user rules, only you can't import-export them or copy-paste multiple lines like in uBlockOrigin and AdGuard.

They ironed out most bugs and web-breakage and released version 1.1.5 a month ago. Google likes to keep them hanging out to dry, because SmartAdBlock is pretty effective. Adblock or AdblockPlus also tried to scare them out of business because the name of the extensions contains adblock.

Worth a try IMO
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