What movie are you watching or planning to watch?


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Aug 28, 2015
Top gun maverick!!!!
I was 9 when the original was released and all through school I wanted to be a pilot😂

I think it was just before covid when it was originally announced when I wanted to see it... 3 years later I finally got to see it last weekend and it's a masterpiece... yes there is nothing really new, it borrows from so many other movies... for me it's the nostalgia and the absolute stunning aerial photography..... go watch in a cinema before it's gone!.

So it was that good huh? I am tempted to go see but but Hollywood is such trash these days.


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Aug 16, 2021
So it was that good huh? I am tempted to go see but but Hollywood is such trash these days.
yeh it's a massive budget and basically an advert for the US navy ... just for me the movie takes me back my childhood... the original top gun was something I could never forget.. the music.. the actors... the action.....

go the cinema get lost in the story.... let your neck bend with every turn of the jets.... switch off and enjoy it.
solid 9/10 for me but then again...I'm age biased 😂


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Sep 2, 2021
I just finished Date a live season 4 on Crunchyroll today....
I can now cry because of course season 5 is in production, but it will be long......



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Oct 2, 2011
Just finished watching Back Clover on Crunchyroll.

Now I am rewatching Yashahime: Princess Half Demon season 1, and then season 2 (english dub).
on Funimation.
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