Battle Whats better Xcitium EDR or Kaspersky with Untrusted HIPS Setup

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Xcitium EDR vs Kaspersky
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Jun 12, 2023
Is Xcitium EDR or Kaspersky better for protection. I use Kaspersky currently but if Xcitium EDR is better for like home use or something I might use it since its free. But I use Hardened Kaspersky with restricted HIPS and I wanna know if thats better since I think Kaspersky has the better detection engine, and also is similar to Xcitium where it denys unknowns from running.
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Dec 19, 2023
I like the HIPS setup in Kaspersky, especially with the default locked files. It's a "sandbox" level, similar to Xcitium, but with a better, as you said, scanning engine. So for now I'm leaning towards Kaspersky with Hardened HIPS.

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