Help Me Decide Which Password Manager is the best?

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Whick Password Manager is best?

  • LastPass

  • Dashlane

  • 1Passord

  • Other ( Please Comment)

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Level 29
Jan 27, 2017
Operating System
Other OS
Bitwarden for Chrome and LastPass in Firefox.
For suites, my first choice is Dashlane
I like simple things, so, even recognizing the quality of other software, I prefer the comments in the first place. When I can install Bitwarden in Firefox I will uninstall LastPass
Bit Warden has had Firefox support since day one.

Free Open Source Password Manager | bitwarden


New Member
Dec 29, 2017
@Slyguy Seeing that you know very well Bitwarden, do you have any idea if their subscription model allows you to renew early (add an extra year to your yearly subscription to stack up the years) ? I'm asking as i'm thinking on using them, but i like having subscriptions that last at least 3 years for my softs.

Thanks and sorry to bother you ;)
Hi. Kyle here from bitwarden. We do not offer purchasing multiple years at this time. Sorry.


Level 32
Content Creator
Nov 19, 2014
Operating System
Windows 10
Installed Antivirus
Tried bitwarden. Found that it has a terrible gui for chrome that hides option inside 1000 menus, gives you no options to protect from viewing the password by just clicking a button when logged in, can't limit connections per country, need to restart the browser to get the new information i imported, can't logout without again going in menus. I can go on and on and on. Badly designed application so i suggest anyone that prefers simplicity to stay away.
Must admit i created and deleted an account all within 30 minutes.