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I have 3 problems to report. I already sent a similar feedback via the app itself. My antilogger version is:

NOTE: I always disable ID thelf protection since it prevents me to type vietnamese using Unikey (a typing tool)

1/ ID thelf protection is disable in the settings and it also show "Off" in the main screen. However, I sometimes, I cannot use my typing tool to type something in vietnamese. It doesn not always happen but very frequently
The link for the vietnamese typing tool is here:
x64 version
x86 version:
2/ sometimes, when I opened internet explorer, I could not type anything in the address box. After I completely closed zemana, I could type normally (ID thelf protection = off)

3/ I closed zemana from taskbar (with ID thelf protection = OFF), sometimes I cannot use my vietnamese typing tool. When I opened zemana, it worked again

do I need to send any log? Where I can find them if they are available?

Thank you so much


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a customer told me, that his download of our software https://de-de.hoerbert.com/downloads/hoerbert.exe
is marked as malware by Zemana. We're using Adobe AIR runtime and some more tools like sox underneath.
Maybe that triggers Zemana? Could it be infected after downloading? Is it a FP? Can it be whitelisted?
So many questions... but I'm very happy this forum exists.

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Thanks for looking at it. Same on the Shadow Defender giveaway thread. Guess I'm the only one with the issue.