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Hi, @mariamharun45 .:)

do avira free come with cloud?
Yes. Many essential components of Avira, like its famous heuristic technology (called AHEAD) and its cloud protection (called APC), have been provided in the free version.

so i don't need update av database anymore?
This problem is difficult to answer... But in my opinion, I do NOT think so.
Unlike WebRoot SA and Panda, Avira is far from a full cloud antivirus.
The cloud protection module of Avira is mainly used to deal with FUD malwares that could bypass the local signature-based protection and local heuristic detection.
So, it will not be triggered by the file reading/writing operations, or the on-demand scanning, because these areas will be covered by the local-based protection of Avira. The local protection modules depend on the signature, so I think users had better to update the signature database at least once every day (just my own opinion).

Only when you try to execute an unknown file, or re-scan a file in the quarantine, APC will be triggered. The signature database in the cloud servers will be updated more frequently, and Avira uses advanced techniques like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Convex Optimization in its cloud server to increase its capability of heuristic detection. So, to conclude, I think APC is very powerful, but users cannot depend on it too much.


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Hi guys, today i purchase pro version for two years. I needed a light and reactive software and i think avira is.
Just one question, i remember a loading window when the software find a malicious file and try to remove it. I remember this operation was quite long to terminate; anyone know if they fix it?


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I'm using the new Avira free and was surprised to see that it scanned new software before downloading to see if the software is safe or not. I've used Avira free before in the past, but never noticed this feature before. I'm really impressed with the new free Avira.