Most interested about
  1. Ease of use
  2. Design of UI


Level 3
Safe in Cloud is my go to... the password database is encrypted and stored locally, you can sync to your cloud storage if you like, there is no web interface or host to get compromised anywhere so if someone gets hold of your database it is probably your own fault ;)


Level 20
Content Creator
I use both Keepass and Sticky, but primarily Sticky (lifetime license). I like Sticky's ability to sync between my networked PCs without requiring cloud access. FWIW, ChromeIPass is a decent extension which automates Keepass auto-fills. From overall ease of use... Sticky>Keepass IMO.


Level 6
My Password Manager is Intel Truekey. This is my first Password Manager i ever used. It works offline and online. Big advantage with Truekey is it's Face detection. You'r face is master password and windows password. Face detection is not available in offline.


Level 1
KeePass is the only one that is OPEN-SOURCE, it is exportable, doesn't lock you in in their platform and that you don't have to trust on their implementation that it is really storing your passwords in the cloud securely.

You can sync your db via dropbox or something if you need inter device sync.
You can you auto-type for easier auto-fill


Level 24
Well... I use text files zipped (Rared) together on another drive with a password using WinRar - This then has a shortcut on my desk, to access a password its a matter using the master password then looking for the site clicking on it & inputting the password on the site - It however doesn't add the parameters to the site that's cut & paste or type, it works very well quite secure, free but cruder than other solutions but I can keep the file on a flash drive when out. Other info can also be added easily to each sites file, not let me down yet in years. I suppose there are better ways?