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I am only saying that they are not going to be a technology leader in the future, like they were in the past. And those who aren't leaders in technology, they always remain in the "good" category, not the "great" category.
Norton/Symantec only got new technologies buying start ups (it was like that to SONAR, Firewall, etc) they stopped buying other companies to acquire technology a lot of time ago, they only don't get old because when they launched these technologies they were step forward from competition and it can handle until nowadays with minor changes.

But that's not new, and these things is still better than a lot of companies, specially for home user. We have to calm down, Norton still has a lot of clients and it is bundle in a lot of PCs (Acer, etc). They have assets.

I actually uninstalled my BD trial because it started creating files in C/Windows/Debug and flagging those as malware, there is also a file called PASSWD.log that got filled with samchangepassworduser2 each time I turn on my laptop. Uninstalling BD just cleared those and PASSWD.log is always empty, maybe BD creating fake warnings to make users think the product is actively protecting them?.

I also suffered with Bitdefender FPs.


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I think they have a known applications list for each profile.
I see. That's good enough. In general I think it's not really a CPU/IO heavy AV something like Windows Defender which suffers from high CPU usage during startup of applications and while doing moderate to heavy tasks. But anyway, the profile concept of Bitdefender sounds nice. Do you keep it turned on? (oops! that's almost a naughty sentence, lol).