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Comodo Dragon Beta is now available for beta testing and should not be used on production systems. The beta can download from the following link:


New in this version:

ADDED: Chromium 6 core is used.
ADDED: Comodo Secure DNS.

IMPROVED: Importing page of setup is corrected.
IMPROVED: License Agreement text color is black

FIXED: Text translation for different languages
FIXED: Comodo Dragon is written instead of Dragon where needed
FIXED: Sync Bookmarks with gmail account dialog is fixed
FIXED: Icons are shown in bookmarks manager
FIXED: Previews are shown on first browser opening

Known Issues:
- DV color scheme is broken
- Comodo logo is missed in XP that has to be shown left to system menu buttons



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RE: Comodo Dragon Beta is now available for beta testing

The current release is version 8.

Version 9 is beta.

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